[info] SHINee to Have Solo Concert in Taiwan

7~10 p.m., 16 July 2011

Lucky you, Taiwanese shawols!

For more information, go to http://www.superdome.com.tw/news-content.asp?f_no=467.


18 thoughts on “[info] SHINee to Have Solo Concert in Taiwan

  1. I’m so excited fow Taiwanese Shawols. I know there are plans for SHINeeWorld in China in August. C’mon SM, come to Singapore. We’ll fill the Singapore Indoor Stadium to the brims!

    But poor boys, they’ll be flying back and forth to Japan and now Taiwan.

      • Yes, I live in SG and have watched them every time they visited. I also managed to catch their fan-meet in Thailand last Nov. I am definitely looking forward to experiencing SHINeeWorld in person.

      • Oh my. Is it the Taipei Arena or Taipei Dome? The Taipei Arena can hold up to 15,000 while the Taipei Dome can hold up to 40,000 o-o I think it might be the Taipei Arena. If it is the Taipei Dome then I hope SHINee can fill it up, because that venue is HUGEEEE. Plus I don’t think they finished constructing the dome yet too. Most likely to be the Taipei Arena.

  2. Wait.. solo concert… as in… THE solo concert?! As in.. SHINEE WORLD THE FIRST CONCERT?! Like the ones in Seoul and Tokyo?! OH THIS IS GREAT! ANOTHER CONCERT! :DD MORE PICTURES WOOOOT

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