[spoiler] 110523 Immortal Song 2

1. The legend singer for the first contest is Shim Soobong.

2. Shim Soobong fanclub people were invited to judge the battles, but there also seemed to be people from an audience service company.

3. They changed the competition style. Originally, the legend singer was going to select the winner of the day. The production team introduced a “tournament” to give more tension to the program. The problem is the “tournament” is not really a tournament we know. The first two singers have a battle, and a winner is decided. The next contestant sings, and the audience judges will compare the first winner and this contestant to choose who wins. And it goes on. As you can see, whoever sings first is at disadvantage. He/she has to compete against the other 5 to win, while the last singer needs to win one battle to win.

4. What’s worse is that they made the decision process more cruel with certain stage settings (I won’t go into detail).

5. Jonghyun was the first. He had to compete with Yesung. Jonghyun sang Shim Soobong’s “A Million Roses”. The song is a remake of a Russian song. Jonghyun’s version was very different from Shim’s remake. He made it his own.

6. The order was: Jonghyun – Yesung – IU – Hyorin – Yoseop – Changmin. The order wasn’t decided in advance but on the spot by lottery.

7. Jonghyun prepared well for the stage. He had several instruments set for his performance. Edit: A fans says the session team that played music for Jonghyun is BARD, a group doing Irish music.

[from DC Shinee Gallery]

I didn’t include details about who won. I think we should be more careful in sharing spoilers.

I’m afraid the program is only using idols, but not respecting them as singers. But I understand they need to do something to get good viewer ratings. I wondered how they’d attract viewers when I heard there’d be no real competition. “I Am a Singer” has become popular through a nasty and sensational “attention grabbing” fuss over who wins or not. Let’s not forget it IS an entertainment program. Yet it seems it will open a hell gate when it’s aired.

8. Edit: OK, I didn’t want to include who won the first battle and the part Jjong cried. But it seems that people already know about it. There could be a misunderstanding about it, so I’m adding it. Jonghyun won the first battle. And the decision process made everyone very nervous, and they turned off the light on the side of the loser (cruel to the singer and his fans). We all know how sensitive Jonghyun is. Even though he was selected as a winner, he cried maybe because the process was so nervous and he felt sorry for Yesung, his sunbae. Yesung tried to console Jonghyun. Don’t misunderstand: Jonghyun didn’t cry because he lost. When he lost, he also tried to console the winner.


30 thoughts on “[spoiler] 110523 Immortal Song 2

  1. there’s a Chinese fanaccount about jjong crying so hard, and lost the game, and gt eliminated as well, is that true? Gosh ;_;, why it has to be jjong, i feel like crying now
    sorry for my poor english
    thank you for the trans shenaa

  2. is the spoiler real? i mean, it’s kinda weird for me to believe.
    which one is right? he cried because he felt sorry for his sunbae or bcoz he’s lost? 0_0”

    wow, the way u explain the process. so harsh i could tell. now im getting more worries. ><

  3. he wins & cries? well, i could tell that’s our jjong. 🙂

    p/s : i dont like the way of determining the winner. this may create fanwar. >,<

  4. i thought it should be a warm and sweet show for us to enjoy music with talented idols. Now it turns out …. Well, maybe it’s our luck that jjong babi won’t stay with the show for a long time because of Shinee’s packed schedule

    • He’ll do his best, and we’ll enjoy all his performances there. That’s more than enough. I hope Jjong will take everything cool and enjoy it.

  5. OMG. This whole show is unfair! Whoever sings first is at disadvantage. The should have made it like round robin style or everyone sings then one would be eliminated.

    Oh well, despite that, Im proud of Jongie. I dont think the PDs of the show choose him to be the #1 contestant for nothing. They must be really confident with Jonghyun’s skills.

  6. i think now i understand this sheena. 🙂
    anyway, jjong please dont cry. i mean, it just make my heart ache just to think about it. you are no1 in shawols’ heart.
    win or lose, we shawols will still supporting you from behind. hwaiting! ^^
    p/s : hope you win next time.

  7. Just reading your post is giving me the jitters!! I’m so excited for this and nervous for Jjong as if I’m the one competing haha.

    Anyways so relieved/happy that Jjong won the first round, I thought Yesung would be tough competition and he’s his sunbae so I thought the judges would favor him more. I hope ELFs don’t get angry over this O_O

      • The judges were from the artist fan club Which I tot is very very unfair. They do not know anything about techniques or emotions. Don’t get me wrong. I’m not sore about jonghyun winning. I just feel the artist should be the only judge judging since it’s his song. And this whole thing is damn bullshit. Jonghyun and yesung are just plain unlucky to get picked first. They weren’t lousy. They were just unlucky to pick the answer. This whole thing should just be eliminated. I really do hope shawols, elfs etc give them a hard time

  8. juju, thats horrible, 😦 not sure if i want jjong to participate, the pd baited us in, and then they did this. its a totally unfair show, the assesing process needs to be changed asap…. O_O really it is not fair…

  9. Not sure what to say anymore. So much for being excited thinking this was going to be a fun show to watch. Why does it feel like production team didn’t spend enough time thinking everything through? There are other ways of getting viewer ratings you know. Anyway, Jjong is always number one for me haha :p But just thinking he cried because he felt sad his sunbae got eliminated, gosh this boy is so much love T^T

  10. I much prefer the relaxed original format but I can see the motive to change it :\

    changes aside I’m still looking forward to this & actually hope Jjong can stay on it for a bit. At least the audience judge is made up of fans from the vet singer /random ppl instead of idols fans (an original fear of mine) & they seem to be keeping w/ the no elimination idea…

    Here’s hoping the show will be enjoyable anyway….

  11. omg. Just reading this makes my heart ache. This just seems so intense o-o I hope Jonghyun can manage this much pressure ><

  12. they think of good rating but not people feel..
    people said there’re tension between b2st and other,,since they get popular and people start looking for they ability vocal as singer..

    • I don’t know about b2st…I don’t think they are that popular… Yoseop was lucky in drawing the lot, but he also lost. IU is treated special cuz she is popular.

      • juju, you say the judges didnt know bout idol but IU is popular between them (jjong, yesung, yoseob, changmin, and hyorin). what the different between IU and the other idol?

        jonghyun vs yesung = jonghyun win
        hyorin vs IU = IU win
        yoseob vs changmin = changmin win
        is this true??

        (sorry for my bad english)

      • IU is well known to the public. Her status is hard to define, I think…she is an idol but not in a girl group. She is promoted as a singer-song-writer.
        As for who won, let’s wait until it is aired 😉

      • yes,,and also sometimes people compare shinee n b2st,, even they different from style of music..
        oh,,seems like IU is popular in many generation,,from young to old people..
        will wait until it aired..^^

      • You know what, these days, SHINee gets compared with any new group. I think it just shows SHINee’s status as a successful group.

  13. How can they call this “competition” fair when the last performer has 50 percent chance of winning compared to the first performer with a barely 4 percent chance of winning? That’s a huge ass jump in odds to me! If k-shawols and the other fan clubs feel the way we feel about this tournament set up I hope they join forces and demand KBS to change the format. Even if no one is eliminated I can’t imagine how nervous and stressed out the singers will be every monday recording for this show. They should have stuck with the old format. People would have tuned in wether someone won or not! ~end of rant~

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  15. reading from the comments, my conslusion..

    yesung, jonghyun, yoseop lost.
    so, the winner among iu, hyorin, changmin
    iu won ??

    Jonghyun, you’re number 1 for me..
    Thanks for the translation. (sorry for my poor Eng)

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