SHINee Interview Elle Girl Korea June 2011 – (1) Prologue

SHINee and photoshoot staff with Yukiko (in the middle)

About a year ago, Elle Girl Japan asked for related materials and our opinions in their preparation for an article on K-pop. One of the questions was which boy group’s debut in Japan is most expected, and Elle Girl Korea’s answer was SHINee.

The five slim boys’ slogan, “(we are) a contemporary band,” was elusive in the beginning, but now the public understands what it means intuitively. In their pursuit of what is new and best in everything from music and performance to fashion, SHINee was born to be global.

The joint interview both magazines have planned on for months was made in a studio in Shinsa-dong on an April afternoon. An Elle Girl Japan editor came over to Seoul to meet with SHINee whose debut in Japan had been scheduled, and set the place for the meeting with the five members with Elle Girl Korea.

There was a bit of tension as people communicated in Japanese, English and Korean in the studio, but when SHINee came in, the atmosphere became livelier. The members looked in a good condition, maybe because they were resting well during a break. They showed no hint of exhaustion or nervousness while greeting the staff and talking about the photoshoot.

During their interview with Elle Girl Japan, they showed off their Japanese and introduced themselves excitedly as if they were back to their debut days. In the following photoshoot, they left behind their usual attitude as ‘chic fashionistas’ and acted free like backstage ‘rock boys.’ The five members laughed, played with each other, and made expressions unseen before. Whether it was because they liked the photoshoot together for a magazine pictorial they didn’t have for a long time, or because they were excited about their debut in Japan, they were full of restless and positive energy.

After the photoshoot was finished, I asked Yukiko, the Elle Girl Japan editor, how she felt about SHINee. “I watched SHINee’s performances through Youtube and had an impression they are very stylish. On today’s meeting, the different personalities of the five members seemed to have synergy. They are cute, professional, and awesome.”

SHInee will start their promotions as their Japanese debut single Replay is released on 22 June. The Japanese version of “Noona Is So Pretty” must melt Japanese noonas’s hearts. I feel sorry about having fewer chances to see them in Korea, but look forward to seeing their shining performances on new stages. I hope they will enjoy it truly most of all, like they did today!

The interview is long, so I’ll translate and post it in six parts: the prologue part, Onew, Jonghyun, Minho, Key, and Taemin.


16 thoughts on “SHINee Interview Elle Girl Korea June 2011 – (1) Prologue

    • (whispering), you know, as a taeminist, I’d like to :D, but our maknae has learned and knows how to yield to hyungs for the group. So wait, haha. (Taemin’s interview gives you a bit sad feeling…you will see ;))

  1. You are seriously amazing. What would shawols do without your amazingness. Thank yous aren’t enough to show how much I appreciate this T^T

  2. Thanks Sheena for always sharing your translations. I would love to see your translation of Onew’s interview too. In the interest of easing your load, I feel I should tell you that Vivz@Soompi already translated (from Chinese to English) Onew’s part – in case you’re not aware. The interview was really cute…and very telling about Onew’s personality. I cannot help but like this boy more and more as well as root for his continued success.

    • Maybe, then, I can use her translation. I don’t know whether it is OK with her to revise it… Onew is a wonderful man and leader. That’s why I left the comment about Onew on my post of the E.G. photos.

      • Hey Sheena!
        Its vivz on soompi haha..
        You’re most welcome to use my translations (to save you time from translating his part again)! I know it’s very hard work for you to translate all the other members’ interviews and such.
        Thanks for your wonderful work once again ^^

      • Wow, thank you so much for coming over here and giving your permission. I was thinking of PM-ing you on soompi… How wonderful shinee world is! 🙂 Sure I’ll give you credit for your translations.

  3. they are indeed our shining boys.
    cant wait for the rest interview esp key.
    keke.. tq for translating dear

  4. Ohmy juju , thank you very much for translating this. Words can’t describe my appreciation towards you anymore ;_;

  5. Seconding paprii’s comment. Without you I think us international shawols would miss out on a ton of shinee info ❤

  6. “The five members laughed, played with each other, and made expressions unseen before. Whether it was because they liked the photoshoot together for a magazine pictorial they didn’t have for a long time, or because they were excited about their debut in Japan, they were full of restless and positive energy.”

    This is the same type of energy that they were giving off at the tokyo legend ending 🙂 it’s like they’re debuting all over again, that feeling of being rookies again hehe except this time its with japan 😀

  7. I really like this line – SHINee was born to be global. I believe that’s true and that SM’s been grooming them for that role e.g. all the Korea-xx Friendship performances, overseas perf, etc. I love that international fans have embraced them with open arms. They make an impact wherever they go and held their own vs their sunbaes at SM Town LA. Do well, dear boys, and keep growing. There are plenty more mountains to conquer (so to speak).

    • So do I! It was like a punchline. Btw, I listened to the trailer of SNSD’s new album, and can’t wait for SHINee’s next album. Compared to their Korean albums, SNSD’s album in Japan seems to have upgraded a lot. I feel so impatient for ma boys, but yeah, step by step…

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