[photo] SHINee Elle Girl Korea June 2011

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I love the picture of OnTae together. Onew’s big smile…Admirable, you are such a wonderful leader.

Hope they will post more photos on their website.

There are interviews on each member, but too long for me to translate all. I guess they will be translated at other sites??




I’m upset with Elle Girl Korea I’m like writing and deleting this, again and again, haha. Can’t help it. Look at the the group picture! How come they can choose the imperfect picture?? Very unprofessional. And they posted a review on idols, which just repeats people’s stereotypical and prejudiced opinions (I didn’t read the full one, cuz it wasn’t scanned. It’s just based on hints some fans gave). These magazine people are snobbish and pretentious. They use idols to boost their sales but don’t respect them and their fans. They think they and their magazines are too good for the idol fans. What a #%$%^$!  (forgive me, I can’t help it. I feel so sick of it.)


3 thoughts on “[photo] SHINee Elle Girl Korea June 2011

  1. i kinda agree with u, esp the description part, they ever tell us something we dont kno.. as u said, v typical stuff. ><

  2. juju, can i ask you a favor ? pleaseee translate that interview from elle girl. no one has translated it T_T. Ah i think i ask too muchh, don’t mind this 😉

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