[spoiler] Jonghyun @ Immortal Song 2

1. The first episode theme: “The song that led me to become a singer”
2. The order: IU – Yesung – Changmin – Hyorin – Yoseop – Jonghyun
3. Jonghyun said, “Hello~” in a cute high tone when he greeted the audience and then introduced himself as SHINee bling bling Jonghyun and his friend as a piano accompanist.
4. Jonghyun sang Park Seongjoo’s “Gwiro (One’s Way Back)”
5. You will see the legendary 30cm again (2~3 times) 😀
6. Jonghyun sang to his friend’s piano accompaniment while other singers used mr.
7. Jonghyun looked like he prepared and practiced for the performance a lot. He enjoyed the stage like a veteran
[from DC Shinee Gallery]

8 thoughts on “[spoiler] Jonghyun @ Immortal Song 2

  1. Juju i search the song Jjong sang at IM2 but couldn’t found it on youtube or soribada. Can you tell me how to write the original singer name in Korean so i’ll try again?

    • nevermind i found it already… if i remember correctly Jjong has sang it before, on 100 song i think … i’m sad they didn’t release the song tho … TT__TT

      • Right, he did it before. And the fans say it was much better this time even though the previous one was good in itself.

  2. 5. You will see the legendary 30cm again (2~3 times)

    ^ I don’t understand; what is this? 🙂 Thank you in advance!

    • Oh you don’t know the legendary 30 cm? haha, it refers to the story Jjong sang with his mic 30 cm away from him but still his voice was so strong~ 😀

  3. jjong voice doesnt crack right? am really worried.
    *i always worried for every activities that shinee did cause i want them to be perfect*

  4. Listening to the previous version he sang on 1000 Songs made me have goosebumps…if this time is better, i think i might cry or faint XD

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