[photo] Minho Cheers for DBSK Yunho

[from SBS Home]

* Photos replaced by bigger size ones from SBS Home.

Minho went to cheer for DBSK Yunho who is participating in the new SBS figure skating program Kiss & Cry with Max Changmin, f(x) Sulli and Amber.


12 thoughts on “[photo] Minho Cheers for DBSK Yunho

  1. F(x) Krystal is also in this program so he probably went to support her, as well. SM Town, fighting~!

  2. Since he got sick filming Star King, Onew has not appeared in variety shows. I hope it’s his choice and not because SM is afraid of being criticized again for overworking him. I like a well-rested Dubu, but not if he actually prefers to be out on TV. I miss seeing his witty self – happy together and OMS was hilarious.

    • Yes, I’m worried about the same thing. I miss Onew, his gag and his cheery self. We haven’t seen him for a long long time so I’m incredibly worried…

    • I don’t think it’s because SM is afraid of it. Onew and Minho are MC-ing now, and it will be too tough for him to start something with their Japan debut in June. Let’s wait patiently. Now the most important is their Japan debut. It will change their status in Korea, and I’m sure they’ll be treated better as they deserve and get better offers. OMS ratings are not good, and many Korean fans don’t like the program. They think it’s not very entertaining actually (not creative). I hope Onew can get an offer for an MC in a good program. Let’s have a chat someday…

      • To be honest, I don’t think Onew has the time for anything else. JP promos will be hectic along with SM Town and Shinee World concerts. I just hope he gets to keep doing Music Core. I’m not sure how that is possible – their European performances fall on weekends or close to it. Hopefully it’s pre-recorded or they get a proxy on those days only.

      • “Now the most important is their Japan debut. It will change their status in Korea, and I’m sure they’ll be treated better as they deserve and get better offers.”

        You are one of the few shawols who are mature enough to understand this! Alot of selfish shawols are complaining and whining about how they’d rather them stay in Korea because then they can get their HD fancams and pics and whatever. They don’t realize that Korea will never appreciate them as they deserve and their image really suits Japan much more. I think they can truly be successful in Japan, whereas if they stay in Korea nothing will change.

      • Fans are torn between their desire to see SHINee more and their wish for their successful career as artists. I think if j-shawols take good photos and fancams to share with international shawols, they won’t complain as much. It’s frustrating, you know, not to get good pictures after events in Japan. I just hope j-shawols will be able to find a way to get around the strict rules there…

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