[music] Gwiro, or One’s Way Back

To give you an idea of what song it is…

– This is the original version. It’s said Jonghyun sang an arranged version of this original.

– This song won the College Song Contest in 1998 (?) and has been popular.

– Jonghyun sang this at Challeng 1000 Songs. See from 0:30. (Thanks, thangkhung~)


8 thoughts on “[music] Gwiro, or One’s Way Back

  1. Jjong sang Gwiro on 1000 song challenge back in 2009 when they were promoting RDD. The song starts at 00:30 🙂

  2. wow. Jonghyun’s version sounds so much better! IT just sounds so good. I can’t explain! I can’t wait to hear the full version!

    • Thank you. Well, as a fan, we want to see shinee win at every chart out there. But this one is not an important one. The website is for “kids”, haha, actually. No influence at all for the actual ranking in IM. And thanks for the audio information. But you know what, I feel uncomfortable sharing it… I’d rather control my desire to hear jjong’s singing and wait until it is aired.

  3. haha~ juju, i do feel the same. that’s why i dont give the link to you immediately. ^^

    but last night, i found it by chance in youtube. that’s why im just telling. hehe~ 🙂

    anyhow, im missing shinee so much right now. really2 missing them. to see their elle girl photoshoot made me excited last night.^^

    • I appreciate it, you know ^^. It’s said there was some kind of filming today. No specific information yet. It was on twitter. I’m now waiting for the full M/V. Isn’t it usually the full m/v comes out one week after the teaser? I miss them too… I was a bit upset with Elle Korea, but happy and excited to see their photos 🙂

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