[news] SHINee Jonghyun Secretly Confirmed to Join Immortal Song

SHINee Jonghyun joins Immortal Masterpiece 2.

SHINee official homepage recently posted Jonghyun’s schedule for the filming of KBS 2TV Immortal Masterpiece 2. It was followed by another notice for encouraging fanclub members to participate in the program as audience.

Jonghyun was considered as one of 6 idol contestants lined up for the program, but later it was announced that his participation was cancelled due to schedule conflicts. On the news, fans wished Jonghyun could join the other contestants even later.

According to a source in KBS, Jonghyun expressed his strong intention to participate in the program despite his tight schedules in Japan. After the production team’s schedule adjustment with his management company, Jonghyun is now set to participate in the first episode to be filmed on May 16. Jonghyun is said to be coming back from Japan on the morning of the day for the filming.

6 idols, including SHINee Jonghyun, Super Junior Yesung, 2AM Changmin, Sista Hyorin, Beast Yoseop, and IU, will have singing battles in the program. It is to be aired early June.

[from Newsen]

Trans by jujugal

From a few days ago, the PD teased fans by twitting, “A hidden big card will join the program.” Of course, fans knew who he means by “a hidden big card” 🙂 Hope Jonghyun’s voice will be in a good condition. It will be tough for him after performing in Japan for two days.


9 thoughts on “[news] SHINee Jonghyun Secretly Confirmed to Join Immortal Song

  1. i was really hoping for him to participate in that show!!
    and i was sure that jjong would definitely want to be a part for it/!!^^
    i wish the best uck to him!!
    and i know that he will be great!
    it’s JONGHYUN! :33

  2. Yes, I hope Jonghyun doesn’t strain himself. I mean they had such a tight sched in Japan and he (and SHINee) had to sing so many songs.And his voice seemed to be not in a good condition. But its good Jonghyun seems to be very excited with this program. I believe he will do his best, fighting !

  3. Do they mean joining for the whole program or for the one episode? Because we already knew he would be on at least one episode lol

    • haha, yes unless he’d have to quit due to busy schedules. He was said to join the program later, but now he is confirmed to join the program from the first episode. I think he will participate in the program until he gets too busy with activities in Japan and concerts in June.

  4. I hope Jonghyun does well. I’ve been worried for him lately. I’ve been watching the past fancams of him singing live ever since SHINee started to do promotions again and his voice seems really strained. I hope he doesn’t push himself too hard, especially since he is the only one traveling back and forth filming this.

  5. should i be happy right now? lol~ ^^
    i do feel very happy when i heard this news. but at the same time, im worried for his health. u just see their tight schedules, i dont know how he’ll manage to promote in japan & back to korea for filming. jjong ahh~ hope u always take care of yourself. dont overwork. u’ve been worked hard. SHINee debut also around the corner.<— i talk like an eomma here. xD

    Jonghyun, hwaiting!^^

    • If schedules are too tight, he’ll leave, I guess. Anyway, Jonghyun looks very happy at the press conference! I know, we’ll be so nervous watching the program ><

      • yes2~ we’ll be nervous to watch the program.
        as i thought, this is the only tv program that jjong will enjoy whole heartedly. that’s why im quite upset when they said he cant participate. 🙂
        Jonghyun~ hwaiting!

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