[fancam] SHINee at Tokyo Legend 2011

Cr to Blingest | Re-up: papriiFied@youtube

Around 2:10 they stand with their backs turned toward the audience. When it was their turn to greet the audience, they show their aegyo poses 😀 At 3:30 Jjong starts singing, haha. He must be really up.

More fancams on paprii’s channel. Thanks, paprii~

Cr to TheTonghyun3@youtube

They did this in both rounds when they sang Hello at the part where Jonghyun made a mistake singing wrong lyrics in their performance on SBS Hope TV. It’s like, “Let’s see whether he sings correctly this time,” and they jump up, “Yay~ he did it right” 😀


5 thoughts on “[fancam] SHINee at Tokyo Legend 2011

  1. They completely stand out from the other groups! They know they’re loved more in Japan than any of those other groups so they’re really confident and happy ❤ LOVE that they just completely own the stage when it's their turn to sing and the other groups can only stare at them in awe. I bet none of them expected Japan to adore them so much!

    This is why SHINee will do better than any of them! The others look like they don't want to be there at all.

  2. anybody knows what song jjong started singing in the ending fancam? i love it. it sounds familiar, a japanese folk song?

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