[photo] SHINee at Tokyo Legend 2011

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Cr as tagged | Source: DC Shinee Gallery (I guess these are from twitter and tumblr with no specific credits available)

More pictures to be added…

K-shawols are complaining about few good photos and fan accounts of SHINee in the concert… Some Korean fans seem to have attended it as you can see from some Key photos–Edit: more pictures added). Hope we can get some more later…


8 thoughts on “[photo] SHINee at Tokyo Legend 2011

  1. It seems that SHINee’s position will officially be Onew-Jonghyun-Taemin-Minho-Key in Japan. I wondered why they changed that. As much as i love JongYu and 2Min, i love My Ontae more!!

    • Maybe…but in one of the pictures of all five of them, it is Onew-Taemin-Minho-Jonghyun-Key, isn’t it? Anyway, I think Taemin is positioned to be at the center as a strategy for Japanese activities. Hope fans will take it cool. It’s a strategy good for all of them if it works well with the Japanese. But there will be some complaints as usual…

      • The fans will the support the boys no matter what. Taemin got the biggest fanbase in Japan, it’s great that they are trying to make use of it by having the OnJongTaeHoKey position. I just hope they retained their positions though, since fans are used to it.

      • I understand. With the Japanese versions of Replay and Hello, fans show responses like, “I like Korean version better.” Just because we are used to it. I think members themselves need some time to get used to the new position:) — it will be confusing to them to switch positions and parts! I think on-tae-min-jong-key position would have been good too. By appearance (the tallest in the middle) and also by fans’ favorite couplings.

    • This is exactly what I was thinking xD Does this mean we’ll have less OnTae? ; u; Even though I understand the reasoning behind it, I’m sad that this might mean less OnTae D:

      About the pictures, fan accounts etc. I think those will improve with time.

    • Don’t be sensitive to that. There is no main or sub in SHINee. For Japanese activities, Taemin is in the center. That’s it. I believe Taemin wouldn’t claim the position of main and feel shy about the title. And I know Jonghyun and Onew are confident in themselves enough not to mind it. Hope fans become as mature and confident as them.

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