[magazine] Elle Girl Japan Comment on Each SHINee Member

Key: Multi-talented as nicknamed Almighty Key. Good at learning language as well as at dancing and rapping, he repreated “Delicious~”, a new word he learned during the shoot! He is the most fashion-attentive member and excellent at making poses and expressions matching what he’s wearing.

Jonghyun: A vocalist with beautiful voice that will stick to (can’t be taken off!) your ears once you hear it. He looked like he likes singing too much to resist singing along to the BGM during the shoot. He expressed his opinions well during the interview and also let other members talk as a hyung should.

Onew: Gentle-natured like his name, which means “Gentle” in Korean. He’s very good with “service” and responded to the camera man with smile even on his request of comic poses. On the polaroid shooting for readers, he volunteered to take photos as a camera man.

Taemin: The youngest member who is adored by all as maknae. The only member currently attending high school. He seems to be getting fashion advice from Key hyung recently, his modish casual wear of the day was impressive. On a side note, he seems to be learning how to play Winning Eleven from Minho.

Minho: Nicknamed Flaming Charisma. He’s getting endless love calls from those in fashion or TV industry with his well-proportioned model-like body and personable smile. He received a concentrated attack from other members at the Elle Girl online special, “Pointing Game.” Check it out on our website!

* Translated from the Korean translation posted at DC SHINee Gallery

– Trans by jujugal


One thought on “[magazine] Elle Girl Japan Comment on Each SHINee Member

  1. omg the comments are so well-matched to our boys! looks like elle girl’s staff are so proud of our shining boys! each of them has different and charming personality, so they’re kind of perfect together as SHINee<3 teehee. :3 loveeee them.

    Thanks so much for translating and sharing, Juju! We love you so much too! :3

    Ps. I can't wait for the pointing game video, it must be hilarious! lol

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