[update] SM’s New Boy Group M1

A source in the SM Entertainment said on the phone, “We are working on a project, but no specific schedule has been set.” He explained, “It takes time to form and launch a new group, so it’s not true they will debut in the first half of the year.”

[from Enews]

I’m updating on this as I already posted about the new group project mentioned in LSM’s lecture. There could have been a change to the debut date as f(x), SNSD, and SHINee’s schedules have been postponed.


3 thoughts on “[update] SM’s New Boy Group M1

  1. SM way too crowded now,,hmm. not that i dont like.. but you know i just feel worried……….. *pabbo*

    • I know what you mean… I feel same way… But if you think about it, it’s about time for a new SM boy group to debut. SuJu is still strong overseas, but they’re now oldish in K-pop. You know about DBSK…they’re not the same even after the successful return. SHINee are debuting in Japan. SHINee should power up to take the top boy group position. Their activities in Japan are so important. I believe we’ll see SHINee as No 1 in one or two years.

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