[Review] Lucifer, One of the Best Masterpieces in SM History

In a review of f(x)’s Pinocchio album, a critic mentioned SHINee:

“Super Junior and SNSD are SM’s A-side, SHINee and f(x) are B-side. SHINee broke down the boundary with Lucifer (perhaps one of the best masterpieces in SM history) in an exquisite way.”

[Kim Dohoon in cine21 http://www.cine21.com/Article/article_view.php?mm=003003003&article_id=65843]

Trans by jujugal


15 thoughts on “[Review] Lucifer, One of the Best Masterpieces in SM History

  1. omg. I love your new background. Taemin is so adorable! ❤

    And I totally agree that Lucifer was definitely one of the best albums to date. It was just go good.

  2. Sheena, your new layout is amazing, love the Taemin header! And yes, Lucifer really is a awesome album. Well, people may have seen SHINee as the B-side group until recently, but I have always seen them as one of the more outstanding SM groups after DBSK’s debut in terms of music & quality. So I have never considered their MUSIC as B-side or “second best” They may not get as many endorsements and exposure like SNSD/SUJU, but they always come out with something noteworthy with their music. And to me that’s what really counts, that’s the only way to cross over the “mere idol” barrier.

    Btw, this place really is a treasure house for all of us shawols. Without your hard work, we wouldn’t be as updated on the boys. So thank you Sheena, as always.

    • I changed the theme on impulse, haha. It needs to grow on me. I don’t feel at home yet here. I think the critic meant SHINee and f(x) are more experimental and more ‘minorish’, not the ‘majorish’ type appealing to the general public (at least with Koreans). But he thinks SHINee grabbed both — popular appeal and experimental quality — with Lucifer “in an exquisite way.”
      Thanks for such kind words.

      • Ahh I see..in that case, I would have to agree. Experimenting can be quite a good thing, it shows versatility. And I think SHINee is quite versatile within the genres of music =D

    • i don’t think A or B has something to do with best or second best. It’s easy to see that Suju and SNSD are entertainment driven while Shinee and Fx are music driven. I think the B refer to that

  3. as i grew with SHINee, i never think SHINee was a B-side! They’re the best!^^
    Not to offend anyone, but yeahh, SHINee will pawn this kpop wave~~ :3
    i never actually like other boy groups, SHINee made me love kpop & here i am now loving them more & more. ^^
    not to mention, their Lucifer album is daebak! their whole songs are masterpiece in the album. 🙂
    not a single song that i dislike honestly.

    it’s great to hear SM is paying more attention to SHINee now.

      • Me toooo! I can’t even stand watching other Kpop groups’ whole performance, lol. I have an unhealthy loyalty and love for SHINee! And Lucifer album is really amazing. I listen to all the songs almost everyday since it was released and I still haven’t gotten tired of it, so it’s really a masterpiece!
        And juju, you’re our angel, you know that right? Really THANK YOU! 수고하셨습니다 ^_^

  4. SHINee and f(x) are definitely B-side (especially f(x)). It’s what I love about them.

    Do you know if the critic was referring to Lucifer the song or Lucifer the album in his comment?

  5. I totally agree with and I dont know if its becasuse I am shawol kekeke but I really love all of their songs!!! I listen to them according to my mood everyday!!! xDD and always just thinking about them make me smile!! =D I love SHINee so much and I dont think I could part of another fandom, I like other groups but the only one that I love is SHINee , I dont know what they have done to me but whatever it is I dont complain They have change my life in a definitely amazing way!!!!!! awww SHINee + SHINee World= ONE awesome shining way of living!!!!

  6. im glad everyone has same opinion as mine. hehe~
    before i knew SHINee, i listen to bunch of other kpop groups but i never fell hard for them. but SHINee is different. 🙂
    ahh speaking of this, i remember back then, i listen to their songs ‘Hit Me’ & ‘Replay’ that make me their fan until now. how about your 1st SHINee’s song u listen?^^

  7. Love Your Layout Juju n I Love Teamin New HairStyle … (^_^)…

    n I Don’t Think There Put Shinee At The B Side Coz They Are The Second Best..But I Think It’s Becoz SNSD n SUJU Was Their’s Sunbae Seem They Debut Earlier…

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