[update] SHINee to Appear at 2011 Dream Concert?

There’s a rumor that SHINee will participate in the 2011 Dream Concert. It’s said a fan called the sponsor to ask and got a word from them… Another person says SHINee is not included in the 19 teams listed for the DC and that they are only rescheduling two girl groups. Hope we get more specific information.

5 thoughts on “[update] SHINee to Appear at 2011 Dream Concert?

  1. The biggest groups in k-pop besides DBSK won’t attend. No Super Junior, SNSD, Big Bang, 2NE1 or SHINee if like you said we’re going to believe the info on the official poster. This years’ Dream Concert’s line-up is so underwhelming if you compared it to last years’ that had all the biggest names except YG’s groups.

    But to end this comment on a bright note, I reaaallly hope that info from the fan is correct!!

    • People are wondering, how will they fill all the seats? There is a conflict with SBS, which is upset because KBS will air the concert this year. Is that why? I don’t know what they’re thinking…

      • Oh so KBS is broadcasting it this year? Maybe that’s why YG won’t attend? Big Bang is busy with the Japanese tour for what I know around the time of the concert. Apart from the end of the year-festivals this is like THE concert to be in of the year so I kinda expected everyone to be there 😛

  2. I hope that they can go, it will proably be their last time performing in Korea and appearing on national korean TV. They should totally go perform before they go to Japan.

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