[update] Jonghyun Not to Be in Immortal Song 2

2AM Changmin, Sista Hyorin, Miss A Min, Super Junior Yesung, Beast Yang Yoseop, and IU will have singing battles in the program.

Edit: An executive in KBS said, “SHINee Jonghyun cannot participate in the program due to a schedule problem.”

[from Newsen]

I don’t know why… Is it because of SHINee’s tight schedule in Japan? The last news article said Jonghyun was confirmed to be in the program, and… I was starting to like the idea, and @##$%#%^ Maybe Jonghyun could join later… Since they have IU, they want to save Jonghyun for later??


15 thoughts on “[update] Jonghyun Not to Be in Immortal Song 2

  1. OMG what….why would they confirm it first and take him out now….aw man i was looking forward to this so much! As a blinger, it’s really hard to see jjong in any shows these days, not to mention he’s not really the variety type. But this…THIS was perfect for him! Maybe because SHINee has a full-packed schedule ahead, but aww man this sucks, i was so excited ;__;
    Sheena, do you know what’s the possibility of him being added onto the show later? I really wanted him to be in it :/ *sigh* i guess maybe it’s for the best, don’t want his voice to be strained from all the other schedules SHINee has :/

    • I don’t know…but they so WANTED to have him in the program, you know, Jjong’s picture was the main on all the news articles about the program. It’s possible they wanted to have him so badly they announced Jjong’s participation was confirmed while it was still being negotiated. See the sentence i added. It’s truly because of his tight schedule. Anyway, I’m trying to think positively… If this program is successful, they’ll definitely continue the idol singing battle. Then, who can sing in the program next season? They need to mix up big cards with so-so idols. Jjong is surely a big card they want to save for later. Anyway, it’s my wish 😦

      • Hmm…it seems that it was really confirmed and then revoked at the last minute. A fan showed the message she got after sending a ufo town text. It said, “Jonghyun’s participation in the idol version ‘I Am Singer’ Immortal Masterpiece 2 confirmed! Let’s cheer for him.”

  2. OMG NOOOO T^T I was so excited to see Jjong in this and then BAMF ! This news is so suddenly
    But maybe it’s better for him since SHINee has really tight sched in Japan -_-

  3. I was really surprised when I was reading that Jonghyun was supposed to participate. Really couldn’t believe SM would allow Jjong to go out on schedules alone. They’d been holding him close since It’s dangerous these days because someone could allude to SSK off the cuff, and it’s not good for anyone, sadly.

    I’m not saying that’s the reason, but just saying that was what I was thinking. I was also wondering how it would happen with all their Japan schedules. It’s sad though, it would have been fun too see Jjong singing his little heart out. Although if it ends up leading to fan wars like Juju was thinking before then maybe it’s for the better…


    • Actually, SHINee’s schedule is so packed from May 14 onwards that I was so surprised when I heard Jjong will be in this show. Judging his state during the Lucifer promos, I was worried about his voice. I am dreading they will announce Onew and Minho will leave Music Core soon too.

      Their schedule is below. They will be flying back & forth to EU over a period of 2 wks in Jun, doing so many shows in JP and rumored SHINee World tour in Asia (China, Taiwan, MY).

      May 14-15: Kpop Live in Tokyo & MBC Concert
      May 22: Charity Concert in Osaka
      Jun 10: SM Town Paris
      Jun 15-16: MTV Live at Fukuoka and Osaka; possibly Jun 17 in Nagoya
      Jun 19: Abbey Road Sessions in London
      July: 5 shows across Japan – that’s just the actual event without TV guestings etc
      Aug: rumored SHINee World in Nanjing, China; possibly Taiwan too
      Sept 3-4: SM Town Tokyo
      Sept end: rumored SHINee World in Malaysia

      So yeah, I don’t mind Jonghyun skipping this show yet. I don’t want his voice to die out on him.

  5. It’s sad that we won’t get 2 see jjong but it’s also sad to assume that SM is keeping him from doing the show. be open minded. you all have seen how pitiful they look when over worked. Idols have different lives, we may not see them but they are busy practicing, taking lessons and stuff we dont know of. jjong is too important for them to lose.

  6. i was like 0_0” when i read this news. why suddenly change the ‘confirmed’ news? >3<''
    i was awesomely happy when i first heard this since the show is perfect for him. he likes to sing and its the only thing he will do on variety shows. =.=''

    aigoo~on the side note, thinking of his health(& other SHINee members) i think i will just past this news. its for his own good. SHINee hwaiting! :))

  7. I was ecstatic with the first confirmed news. And then I was like T_T with the second confirmed news. Like WTF! I was soooo looking forward to this. To the point that i didn’t care much when OMS was cancelled to make room for this new variety show. Mainly cause of jonghyun. And it just had to end before it actually began. πŸ˜₯

    But then, i read the comment about SHINee’s upcoming schedule. And I was suddenly okay with him skipping this one..?? I feel like like ive just been played. Lol. Whatever the case. I hope there wont be anymore cancellations. My tinee tiny heart cant take much more bad news. πŸ™‚

    • Same here. My feelings went down and up. I also think this is for the best to Jonghyun and SHINee… If this program turns out successful, Jjong can be in the second season. He doesn’t have to overstretch himself to be in this program at this important time for SHINee’s debut in Japan.

  8. Am I the only one that’s glad? xD This show scares me.. it sounds like it’ll create fan wars D: Plus, as much as I miss Jonghyun and I want more screen time of him, if he’s going to be promoting in Japan with the rest of SHINee it’s better that he takes care of his voice >_<

  9. Wow, can’t say that I’m not disapointed cause I really looked forward to seeing him on a tv show again. I hope the producers will consider adding him for the next season if the show gets good ratings πŸ™‚

    I think the biggest schedule conflict is the fact that he will be flying all over the place the next month. A Japanese promotional cycle is no where near as intense as the Korean ones. You don’t do weekly shows, but instead make a few tv-appearances around the release date. Most of the work is done bts so even if he was to appear on the show I wouldn’t be as worried compared to if they would’ve had a Korean come back. Now that would be freakin’ intense!

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