[news] SHINee Japan Debut Single Tops Tower Record Pre-sale Chart

Idol group SHINee are gathering force to sweep Japan.

SHINee are standing out on digital single and CD charts before their debut in Japan.

SHINee’s debut single Replay, open to the public on April 28, topped the ring tone chart of Rekochoku, Japan’s largest digital music site.

It also topped the pre-sale chart of Tower Record, Japan’s largest music store, on May 1.

[from kukinews]

Trans by jujugal


6 thoughts on “[news] SHINee Japan Debut Single Tops Tower Record Pre-sale Chart

  1. I checked the CD Japan chart yest when I ordered my CDs. I was happy to see SHINee remains #1 and #2 for the premium and regular edition on the music charts after 1 week. I hope the boys chart #1 on the Oricon weekly chart, not just the daily.

    I think it is unrealistic to expect them to chart #1 on either the daily or weekly chart. I do not think their sunbaes have managed that yet and they have been actively promotion in JP more than SHINee. This is not a lack of faith in the power of SHINee, just some practical wisdom. I do not want people to think they are under-performing or achieving because of unrealistic expectations from some Shawols who do not look at the big picture. Japan is a tough market for any Korean act except Boa and TVXQ.

    • I agree… I just hope they can sell a significant number of CDs regardless of the ranking–like 100,000 CDs… Is this unrealistic too? Hope not…

      • I do not think 100k CDs is unrealistic at all based on the no of applicants for their concert ticket (100k) and the fact that some int’l Shawols will also be ordering their first Japanese CD. 🙂 It probably will not happen in a few days though – probably a week or more. I do not mind – longevity is key in the Japanese market, not instant success.

        I am so excited for our SHINee boys.

      • SNSD’s Mr. Taxi sold about 100k in the first week. I wonder how many of the concert ticket applicants are willing to buy SHINee’s CD.

  2. I hope their CD sales go well. I want to buy either the premium or regular edition, but I’m not even sure what’s the difference between them LOL. Anyways, regarding the Oricon chart, If they reach #1 not… I don’t think it’s relevant at this stage.. it’s their debut in Japan! It’d be extremely rare if something like that happened, considering they have never really promoted in Japan before and this is their first official japanese release.

    • I’m buying both, haha. You can find the difference at the hmv or cdjapan or amazon japan. It’s like one has a making while the other doesn’t and have a music video, something like that. With two different editions, they are making loyal fans buy both.

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