[me2day] 110430 Jonghyun

[Jonghyun] F(x) won!!! yesterday!!! Congrats, congrats!! Ajabyo!! A question!!! SHINee Jonghyun-goon who bought 10 Nu ABO CDs, how many Pinocchio CDs did he buy!? If you get the right answer, I’ll post a self-camera picture >o<

(A minute later)

[Jonghyun] I didn’t buy yet kk I’ll go to buy tomorrow.. at a shop you can apply for a fansign meeting. Ah! of course I won’t go even if I get a ticket. F(x) fans, let’s have a battle of who buys more, thump thump (challenging) k


3 thoughts on “[me2day] 110430 Jonghyun

  1. awwwww He is sooooo sexy!!!! OMG that puppy face with a sexy gaze !!!!!!!!!!!! *dying* those lips~!!!!!!! jasbfhaiusfsoaifadbfiudjcn Jjong please stop doing that!!! I am gonna be extincted for sure very soon if you something like that!!! ^^!!!

  2. hahaha! then how many CDs would Onew buy?
    I remembered JongYu challenging each other about who buys Nu Abo Cd more.They are soooo supportive of their hoobaes.

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