[news] SHINee Jonghyun to Appear in Idol Singing Contest

KBS will launch a new entertainment program in which idol singers will have singing battles

KBS Entertainment Department Chief said on April 29, “We are preparing an idol singing contest program that will be launched at the end of next month as part of the Spring program change.”

Kwon Jaeyoung PD explained, “It is an idol version of “Immortal Masterpiece,” a corner of Happy Sunday, but it’s not a survival game that decides whom to drop.”

He continued, “We will focus on how the idol singers reinterpret masterpieces in their own styles rather than on simply showing their singing ability.”

6 idol singers, including Sista Hyorin, SHINee Jonghyun, 2AM Changmin, and B2AST Yoseop, are said to appear as contestants in the program.

[Source: Yonhap News]

Trans by jujugal


I’m a bit worried about this program. There will be brutal fights between fandoms…although I’m glad to see how our Jjong will show his wonderful singing ability and brilliant interpretation.

11 thoughts on “[news] SHINee Jonghyun to Appear in Idol Singing Contest

  1. OMG this is so aint gonna happen. i swear i prefer jjong will be not in this because this will be just a HUGE fanwar.

    • I agree with you :/ as much as I want jjong to be in this, this so gonna cause world war 3. But i am so glad jjong is acknowledged enough to be put with other great singers. He really is a brilliant vocalist in my opinion and I can’t wait for others to discover his talent.

      • I’m also trying to think positively. This will be a good chance for the public to discover his talent. But I can’t help being like a mother always worrying about a son while knowing he’ll be excellent at whatever he does…;)

  2. gosh…im sure jjong will do best in the show but im worried to fanwars.. i dont like SHINee to be involved..but im pleased that they acknowledge jjong’s singing ability!!! SHINee the best.. and I know that they’ll be busy to their japan’s debut so i think jjong can’t do it bec of the schedule..?!

    –my opinion–

  3. omg. I hope nothing bad happens. It states that nobody will be eliminated so thats good. Jonghyun can’t be voted out then, that means he can sing his heart out without worrying about much.

  4. Everyone, please give him a chance!
    Don’t u see this is the great opportunity for our boy to show the world what he got????
    Don’t u see despite it will be very hard, very exhausting, very risky but he is trying hard to show us a better side of him?
    Don’t u think this time is the time for Jjong to walk out of the shadow to join OnHo as the “popular” member and together their hard work will help the name of SHINee expanding???
    The boy will have an extremely busy and hard time, us shawols must be by his side and show him our endless support, right?
    (by the term “by his side” i mean supporting him with love and in peace, please not bashing other artists whatever happens. we should show the other fandoms our good behavior, loyalty to Jjong while respect to other artists)
    Lastly, i have a really really high hope in Jjong. As far as i know, Happy Sunday is the leading variety show in SK right now. The show is unbeatable, it usually scores around 30% in viewer ratting which is totally amazing.

    • Please do not misunderstood. We are just worried about fanwars. We never know what the other fanclubs are up to.

      I do think that this is a great chance for jongie to showcase what he got. In terms of technique, emotion and soul, he is beyond exceptional. I just hope there would be no bashing of idols (which is impossible) in that show.

  5. I am more worried about Jonghyun’s voice than fanwars. During Lucifer promos, his voice was not at its best condition as his vocal chords was strained by the long promo period – overworked vocal chords + lack of sleep / rest does not go well together. SHINee’s schedule from May to Sept is brutal – including 2 trips to EU in the span of 2 weeks in Jun. I hope he does not strain his lovely voice again.

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