[ranking] SHINee Japan Debut Single Pre-sale Ranking

Current ranking at hmv stores

Ranked 1st & 2nd in Tower Record

Ranked 11th & 27th in Amazon Japan

* I heard AKB (Japan’s most popular idol girl group) member is releasing a single on the same day with SHINee. I’m afraid it’ll be hard for SHINee to top the chart…


24 thoughts on “[ranking] SHINee Japan Debut Single Pre-sale Ranking

  1. daebak! they topped the chart with their pre sale. congrats SHINee~ never been this proud. 🙂

  2. weell…even snsd can beat akb i japan …sometimes they do but not all the time…even kara do tht too…so i guess at least they rae in the top 10 ~~~

  3. hm yes Maeda Atsuko, the most popular member of AKB48. She has a “Yoona-like” status in Japan. Well #2 isn’t that bad for foreigner and debut song. Mister and Genie also debuted on #2

    • right, I think #2 is meaningful, and hope they can sell as much as Kara or SNSD. Frankly I don’t know what to expect. We saw their ticket power in their concert last year, but would those fans buy the CD & DVD? How many of them are truly loyal fans? We’ll see… I just hope for the best.

      • Yes, until now there are no Kpop groups that can debut on #1. Yes, i hope so. i hope they can hit 100K. Jshawols+Kshawols+Ishawols = great supporters for SHINee. Good luck for them!

      • HELP! Just want to check with you in case you or any of your readers know the answer. I want to order both the premium and regular CDs since it’s the boy’s first release in Japan. Do you know of any sites in English where one can order the CDs? I want it to count on the Oricon chart though. Thanks in advance for the help.

      • ^ you can order from yesasia or cdjapan, both will count toward oricon chart. cdjapan – cheaper CDs price, will receive bonus extras if you order “first press” of regular version. Yesasia – CDs are a little more expensive but no shipping fee, no bonus extras.

  4. Where did you get the pic, can you gimme the website? ^^ They are going against AKB48 ?!?!?!?! Ohh no! I hope JShawols will support the boys. I heard the KSHawols will be supporting them too by buying their albums.

  5. Anw SHINee already has so many perf in Japan, i wonder if they will be a lot active in Japan instead of going back and forth to Korea. I also wonder about Onho on mucore *_*

    • That’s what everyone is anxious to know…Can they do activities in both? I just posted the news of SHINee to perform at MTV Livedam concert. It seems that shinee’s schedule will be very tight…

  6. i really2 wanted to pre order their premium album right now. but due to my current finance, i cant afford it yet. TT TT
    aigooo~ i must wait for another 3 weeks to get my money from the bank. lol~
    ahhhh! i hope the premium one not all sold out until then. >,<''

  7. i am totally afraid with shinee debut in japan. theres so many rivals like snsd suju kara, and even japan goddess ‘akb48’ release their single on the same day.
    totally makes me worried. will the got a good rank in chart? i think its really hard to be happen.

    • Unless kara, snsd, and suju will release their singles on the same day with shinee, I think it will be ok. I’m not so sure whether they are rivals, esp. kara and snsd–the target of girl groups is different from that of boy groups, isn’t it? Sure a chunk of k-pop fans applied for and went to see shinee’s concert last year. I’m curious how many of them are loyal fans to form a strong fanbase for shinee. We’ll see…

  8. i’m extremely happy to see our shining boys back with all the good news! For the past 2 days it’s like heaven to me ^^
    But on a side not i just have a little concern. Juju ah, do u hear any rumors/infos relate to “Hana Kimi” ?
    Shinee’s schedule: backed
    Suju’s schedule: backed
    SNSD’s schedule: backed
    SM says the drama will be on air this summer but with the current situation, i don’t think any member from these 3 groups can join as important roles . will they postpone it or something??
    I’ve been waiting for the day our boys shine on drama and this project seems very promising as i believe some or may be all of them could make appearance. But now … do i really have to wait for another chance (which properly won’t come this year because they seem to be super busy through out the 2nd half of 2011 TTT.TTTT)

    • Just rumors…like Minho will be in it, but nothing confirmed. I think even though their schedule looks crazy, they’ll find a way to do it once cast in the drama. But I think it’s not realistic to expect to see all of our 5 boys to appear in the same drama. That’s not a good idea for its success… Exciting for shawols, but a drama needs to attract non-fan viewers. Antis are already saying bad things about the SM-produced drama…I think they should mix up SM artists with non-SM actors for a better outcome… and hire a good drama pd and writer.

      • thanks dear. Now i think i shouldn’t give up my hope yet ^^.
        And when talking about all 5 making appearances i mean one or 2 can have roles while the others can be super shining pass by students ^^ . it’s a all male school anyway, and an all male school need tons of male students ^o^

  9. woah daebak!!! #1…
    just keep supporting and believe to them.I start to save my money to but the album.
    I hope SM will give them some rest in the middle of their activities…
    SHINee+shawol, FIGHTING!!!!

  10. EMI is testing SHINee’s popularity in Japan by debuting SHINee head to head with AKB48. It’s a risky but wise decision. AKB48 is releasing a single on the same day with SHINee’s replay, SHINee’s fandom is in fear of SHINee’s future in Japan. There is much competition, but since SHINee World will support SHINee no matter what, most of us would most likely purchase as much album as we can for SHINee to be on top. And because of this, even if SHINee will not be top 1, they’ll still be able to sell SHINee’s album well.

    • oh, it can be perceived that way. I thought it will be good to have news shinee topped the chart on their debut without AKB… but on a second thought, this might be a wise decision.

      • Having SHINee on top is like an icing on a cake.
        It would really be great if they’ll debut at number 1.

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