[news] SHINee’s Replay Ring Tone Service to Start on April 28

Idol group SHINee are set to debut in Japan with the Japanese version of Replay on June 22.

SHINee will perform live in the Abbey Road Studio, a place called the world-renowned symbol of EMI Music and dream studio, on June 19 to celebrate their debut in Japan. The large-scale extraordinary debut shows EMI’s high expectations on SHINee’s activities in Japan.

Only world-renowned musicians, including Stevie Wonder, Brian Adams, Cold Play, and Robbie Williams, have performed live in the Abbey Road Studio, which is known as a studio Beatles recorded their songs and for their masterpiece album Abbey Road jacket photo. SHINee are the first Asian artists to perform live in the studio.

SHINee will also meet Japanese fans through live events titled “SHINee Japan Debut Premium Reception” in 5 cities, Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya, Fukuoka, and Sapporo from early July.

Before releasing their first single Replay in Japan, SHINee will offer the cell phone ring tone service through mobile sites from April 28.

[from Sports Today]

Trans by jujugal


2 thoughts on “[news] SHINee’s Replay Ring Tone Service to Start on April 28

  1. omg. SHINee is up there with all the other well-known artists. This is amazing, EMI is definitely treating them right!

  2. Dear Sheena/Jujugal,
    I hope you can translate the bits of this article that includes SHINee:
    http://www.asiae.co.kr/news/view.htm?idxno=2011042715282204618. I believe it’s saying that SM’s stocks closed today at almost 4% higher because of SNSD’s Mr Taxi release and SHINee’s Japanese debut announcement. If I am right, I think I am going to cry again because I am just so proud of the boys and excited to see their activities. The upcoming Abbey Road sessions is still making me teary-eyed. EMI Japan must have worked their butt off to negotiate and book that schedule in London. Not just anyone can perform there, you know.

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