[news] SHINee to Have Special Event in Abbey Road Studios

Korea’s popular 5-member dance vocal unit SHINee is set to debut in Japan on June 22. A special event will be held to celebrate their debut in the Abbey Road Studios in London.

The studio has become a tourist spot as a place where Beatles recorded most of their albums. It is the first time ever Asian artists perform live there.

SHINee will enter the studio with their Japan debut single <Replay>.

EMI Music decided to invite SHINee and Japanese fans to the Abbey Studios for a special debut event on June 19 from their recognition of SHINee’s achievements.

Members are looking forward to the event in the renowned studio, saying “We will do our best to meet your expectation with a good song and performance.”

[from Sanspo]

Trans by jujugal


Taemin will go to England! But Emma Watson is not there, is she? 😉

This is awesome~~ In Abbey Road Studio!!! EMI is treating our boys as artists! This is more than I expected. This is a totally different concept, so different from the way other K-pop idols did their debuts. Wow, I’m so proud.


3 thoughts on “[news] SHINee to Have Special Event in Abbey Road Studios

  1. Yes, agree on your last statement Sheena! I am very VERY proud. It really is an honor and once in a lifetime experience. EMI really is pulling all the strings. This is definitely different from all the other debuts from KPOP bands. Looking forward to this so much~

  2. Looks like they’re succeeding in making people who think that today’s music isn’t music anymore take notice of their music.

    They are indeed THE contemporary band. I’m so proud of them.

  3. I teared up when I saw SHINee will be performing at Abbey Road, London. OMG – just legendary! I was a bit disappointed by the lack of news re their Japanese debut because a lot of other artists have debuted and may be releasing their singles ahead of SHINee although SHINee announced their debut as early as last year. But now that I have seen EMI’s prelim plans for them, I do not mind at all that they are debuting in Jun and not March. This plan is not half-baked but well thought-out and took a lot of negotiation. Abbey Road…huhuhu – i hope the boys know how much of an honor this is. They’ve performed at Staples Center, Blue House and soon Abbey Road and Tokyo Dome. I am so happy for them.

    On a side note, I feel bad. They are gonna be so tired because of all the upcoming concerts (confirmed ones and the rumored SHINee World stops) in the second half of the year. I hope Onew and Minho get to keep doing MuCore but that’s probably not possible as they plan to fly all over Europe and Asia the next 3 months.

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