[info] SHINee Japan Debut Single Album

Japan debut single <Replay> to be released on June 22 (Wed)!

◆JAPAN DEBUT PREMIUM CD (Only the first issue)

Luxury sleeve case, Digital Package, Photo booklet

CD+DVD+PHOTO BOOKLET 68P+ Special trading cards (6 kinds at random)
2,500yen [tax in]
3.Replay [Korean ver.]
4.Hello [Korean ver.]

●Replay Music Video
●Replay Teaser
●Replay Dance Music Video

◆Standard CD
CD+DVD+PHOTO BOOKLET 44P+Special postcards [1 kind only in the first issue]
1,500yen [tax in]

●Replay Music Video
●Replay Teaser
●Replay Jacket Making Sketch
●Replay Music Video Making Sketch

SHINee’s Japan debut “Reception” event to be held in 5 cities!

A SHINee Japan Debut Premium Reception application ticket is included in their “Japan Debut Premium” and “Standard” CD.

In Sapporo, Tokyo, Nagoya, Osaka, and Fukuoka.


7 thoughts on “[info] SHINee Japan Debut Single Album

  1. let just say I bought the album and got the reception application ticket,am I devinitely can come to the reception?or they would some lucky fans who sent the application ticket?
    I’m very curious about it eventhought I’m not living in Japan…

  2. LOL the word ‘choose’ has missing…
    I mean ‘would they choose some lucky fans who sent the application ticket?’

  3. Okay, I got my album and I am so excited about it ! 😀 The booklet and slip case look very good and are of perfect quality, but I don’t understand anything about the ticket. I went to the site, but where should I fill in my access code? I can’t read Japanese ,so could somebody maybe help me out? ^_^;;

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