[Update] 110425 SHINee Japan Debut Single, Dream Concert

Hey guys… SHINee will debut in June. The press kit will be out on Wednesday.

And…it’s Japanese version of Replay to our disappointment (not 100% certain, but someone on the filming site says so). But we’ll have a new pv and the member parts will be redistributed (I guess Taemin will have more singing parts).

Maybe SM plans to do it the same way with SNSD: releasing Japanese versions of old songs, make a Korean comeback, and then put out a new Japanese song.

– SNSD’s regular album in Japan on June 1

– Super Junior’s single in Japan on June 8

– SHINee’s single in Japan on June ?

* And SHINee won’t perform at this year’s Dream Concert 😦

* Someone who listened to the Japanese version of Replay says: the lyrics are better than those of SNSD’s Gee or Genie Japanese version in her opinion.


27 thoughts on “[Update] 110425 SHINee Japan Debut Single, Dream Concert

  1. A part of me still hope it will be a new song. But if they redistribute the song, i hope Minho and Taemin will have more parts. Whatever the debut single will be, the boys have prepared hard for it so i will support them πŸ˜€

    It would be interesting tho, if not sure how the concept noona-dongsaeng relationship will work in Japan. While it was/is a rend in Korea, i am not sure about Japan….. Maybe they can start new trend πŸ™‚

    • I think they might change it… Yoona is featured in the video, and she is not really fit for a “noona” role, is she? (Oh, it’s said she is actually “noona” in the video)And our boys have all grown up. Now once I got to know it’s Replay and think about it more, I’m getting more curious: how will the lyrics be translated, how the concept will be adjusted…

      • woah so it is for sure that Replay will be their debut single? Did she say whether or not the song is adjusted or still has the same concept? I’m so curious ~~~~~~~

      • The member parts were reshuffled. Maybe a more mature version of Replay movie? Different members doing opening, ending… I’m happy for Taemin who kept saying how he was shocked when he found out he doesn’t have any singing part. I’m now so excited πŸ™‚

      • Did u know anything about this rumor? i found it on tumblr so i’m not sure. Like all the concept thing we heard is for their Kor cb not Jap debut.
        “The song is described to be a retro-style disco dance sampled beat with modernized synthesizers with slight undertones of the current electropop scene. The song is said to be called β€œRolling Luv” but the title is subject to change.

        Very brief information about the video has surfaced. Apparently they emerge from a limousine on to what looks like a red carpet, but is a roller rink. Inside, Yoona from SNSD is sitting at a table and is asked by Taemin to skate with him. Not much else is known.”

      • The one on the filming site yesterday says our boys danced to the Japanese version of Replay. Is it possible that person got the info from an SM insider? Did she give the source? That is very specific info. Anyway, tomorrow we’ll see what is true…

  2. Well, i’m kinda dissapointed. but I will just believe that it’s the best choice for them. Have a faith on them, Good luck !

  3. Still looking forward to it, I know they will do well i Japan. I hope they accept them and have big success iver there ><

  4. too bad 😦 but i just wanna see them again,
    no matter what concept or what song or whatsoever i just simply miss them so much to the point that i dont care about recycled songs/concepts anymore.
    it’s still good that they’ll make a new MV with their new looks rather than most k-artists do when they decided to comeback/debut in japan like dbsk, bigbang, etc. their kr & jpn mvs are the same~ ( & that’s so dissapointing) so i guess this is better than nothing & i’ll support them no matter what happens, my love is just for those shining boys :’)
    thanks juju for the update! hopefully we’ll hear more regarding shinee’s future plans.

    ps. still, i think they need to make a korean comeback soon. we have to admit that shinee’s losing their popularity in kr, their own country, even beast has more popularity than them now eventhough beast is way more hoobae than shinee. and rookie nowadays also got much attention. when you see rankings/charts like best male artist or just kpop charts etc shinee isn’t even there nor get mentioned (and those random charts actually DO prove an artists’ popularity among the society/netizens/community) i hope shinee can maintain their popularity & consistency in k-entertainment. it hurts when i see those hardworking boys who really do have amazing talents and who really deserve acknowledgement get dumped by fans 😦

    • Umm, I don’t agree that beast has more popularity than shinee. Based on what? Do they sell more albums? Nope. Do they win on music charts more? Nope. Recognized better in their music? Nope. On ranking charts? It depends. I think shinee do better on more meaningful charts. Shinee fans won’t waste their time for every chart. Beast got a strong push from their company last year in several ways. They are newer and so maybe fresher to the public. But I’m not sure about their long-term prospects. Since they are the only male group of the Cube Ent., they might continue to get good support from the company. Still a long way to go. Many of their members are still unknown. I don’t know why some people even compare them with shinee. Just my opinion.

  5. aww, so sad that they wont perform in DC 2011 πŸ˜₯
    i was anticipating their appearance 😦

    anyway, i found this floating in some places. so Juju, are these true?
    SHINee comeback in July??

    SHINee’s schedule:-

    10 June 2011: SM Town Paris

    23 June to 25 June 2011: MV filming and photoshoot for album (confirmed)

    6 July 2011: Release of teaser and promotional activities (confirmed)

    8 July 2011: Release of single (confirmed)

    9 July 2011: (1) Release of MV (confirmed) (2) Music Bank comeback (tentatively)

    10 July 2011: Music Core comeback (tentatively)

    Source: Onchih of weibo
    Shared/Posted by: eimanjjong @ tumblr

    it’s said to be confirmed but idk, i’m kinda confused now… since i thought they’ll make a japan debut first?? o_O gosh, please i dont wanna be too excited for nothing in the end T^T

    • I don’t know either, but it can be true. If SM is using the same strategy for SHINee as for SNSD, they will make a Korean comeback soon after debuting in Japan. We don’t have to be disappointed then since SHINee’s new song will come out soon. The source might know an insider with such specific information. How does she know the schedule is confirmed? Wow. This shows the rumor that the mv shinee is now filming is for their korean comeback is totally wrong πŸ˜‰

  6. Wow, a bit surprised at some of the negative backlash. Replay is timeless and it’s one of the best song SHINee’s ever released. In fact, some of the older fans left the fandom as SHINee went more mainstream pop. In my opinion, it makes sense to choose a timeless song as their debut single instead of their latter hits (RDD, Lucifer) which placed in the Daily Oricon charts already despite being the Korean version. It may just bring in a new group of Japanese fans for them who prefer “Replay” type of music. Plus Replay is eons better than Hello, which was rumored to be the Japanese debut single for a while.

  7. If there was anything to be upset about, I would think it’s the timing of the releases from SM. They are squishing SNSD, Super Junior and SHINee in 1 month when a lot of people belong to all 3 fandoms. The boys are going to be shortchanged as some of the younger fans will not have enough funds to buy all 3 CDs.

    Sometimes I am disappointed with how SM handles them. Lucifer would have won a triple-crown if Boa did not release her album 2 weeks after Lucifer. She did not even promote for a long time so why couldn’t SM wait another week or two. *sigh*

    • Without the earthquake, probably the schedule would have been different. SHINee’s debut was delayed, wasn’t it? And I don’t know what SM is planning for SuJu. Anyway, it’s true that with two big sunbaes (and more), it’s tough for SHINee and their fans. That’s why I hope SHINee will have big success in Japan. So they’ll be treated the way they truly deserve.

  8. so right,, rookie debut everywhere!
    and they kind of music is similar, style and debut at the same time,,
    even at least 2 week 5 rookie is debut on the same stage..
    i miss shinee who give different style..good if they prepare comeback too πŸ™‚
    i know it,,shinee replay is the song that never get old!!
    many professional music artist agree with that..
    it’s better than doing japanese version of lucifer or hello that already famous..^^

    • There has been a word about the possibility…but no confirmation from a reliable source. But if the info is from a local event management company, I think we can be assured it is almost a done deal… It seems SHINee will have concerts in Asia in the 2nd half of the year. There’s been news of their concert in Nanjing too.

  9. Not to backlash. In fact SHINee replay is one of the best all time single. The song is still so sweet and etc. But I cant lie by saying I was still hoping for a new concept, I mean real new. Just like how SM promotes DBSK. But still, I’ll root for them no matter what and I do hope Minho and Taemin will get more singing.

    SHINee fighting! I’ll support them no matter what.

  10. lol, i think e√en though i want to hear a new song from them every much but they are playin it safe by taking replay ..

    besides all korean song writers/ song experts said replay is one of the best song..and in my opinion it is a great song t capture jap fans even more and jap public ..then after they got stronger fanbase in japan ..then they can do other unique contemporary stuff like ring ding dong or lucifer etc

  11. omg im so excited u guyss. i got an email today and one of my friends told me about this. i love that they are doing ‘replay’. its the song that kicked off their career, so i think its a good thing that they are going to do the same in japan. that song really is iconic.
    i’m looking foward to seeing their new hairstyles, im soooo excited u guys πŸ˜€

    SHINee Hwaiting

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