[Review] “Next Entertainment Idol Onew” in KBS Journal

Onew is not in any program yet after Yahaengsung ended. But Onew is rising as a next-generation MC or post-Lee Seungki because he can make subtle reaction comments and unexpected adlibs at will. When he guest-stars in a program, the program’s viewer board is filled with requests for casting Onew as a permanent MC, and the PD hints through captions his hope to have him in the program.

With his smart image, cute face, gentle but manly voice, and bellowing singing, Onew has grabbed noonas’ hearts. In the beginning, however, he was not a promising Entertainment Idol. In the first few episodes of Yahaengsung, Onew was just a well-mannered idol who didn’t do anything but smiling and had a “soon-to-be-dropped-out” tag. But Yahaengsung PD didn’t give up on him, saying “Lee Seungki was not who he is now from the beginning.”

Now Onew is reborn as a next Entertainment Idol with his walnut-breaking ttakbam skill and triple entertainment techniques (MC-ing+reaction+adlib). To Onew who replies “That’s your ability” to Park Myeongsoo who complains about Onew stealing his comments, noonas want to say this: “Please, show your ability.”

[from KBS Journal]

Picture cr to OnAir | Trans by jujugal


I hope we’ll see Onew as an MC in a program soon~ It’ll be a breakthrough for him. With fingers crossed~

5 thoughts on “[Review] “Next Entertainment Idol Onew” in KBS Journal

  1. Maybe he can do Strong Heart for a while during Lee Teuk’s military service? I hope he gets something, because he’s so funny!

  2. I love the fact that PDs and other entertainers acknowledge how talented Onew is and how much he has improved since YHS. I think SM is holding-off on any fixed MC shows though bec of their Japanese debut. In fact, my biggest fear which I hope does not come true, is that OnHo ends their Mucore hosting to focus on Japan. Plus they have SM Town and Shinee World concerts coming up.

  3. Such a great news to hear. Onew is truly the rising MC. I means, there is tons of idols who can give quick reaction, outwitted others. But Onew truly genuine. He sure gonna do better considering his young age.


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