[photo] SHINee with French Fans

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5 thoughts on “[photo] SHINee with French Fans

  1. waaaaaaaa!!!! so lucky!!!! I wish I could do the same go go go France =DD!!!! and wowww I dont really know how to express it but I really feel that our boys are always getting more and more gorgeous (even though for me they were drop dead gorgeous since the begining and they always will be ) waaaaaaaaaa I am going crazy just when I thought that I cant fall more for them , then something like this come again and again and I fall even more!!!!!! It’s just so unbelievable!!! It seems that my love for them is unlimited !!! yayyyyy *so happy* I will be waiting patiently like a puppy (awww jjongie) for them to make an appearence !!!please hurry up!!! kekekeke *and so ready to buy everything that comes out kekekeke*

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