[info] Key, Minho, Taemin to Guest at Radio

Denny’s Music Show 4~6 pm, 19 April (Tuesday) KBS 89.1MHz


9 thoughts on “[info] Key, Minho, Taemin to Guest at Radio

  1. LOL at some folks spreading as fact that personal income ranking in SHINee is Minho, Kry, Taemin, Onew and Jjong. It’s probably closer to Onew, Jonghyun, Minho, Taemin, Key. Why? All those musicals and solo projects has paid off for Onew. Proof – bought his Dad a car even before his 2nd musical ended. Jonghyun wrote 2 songs in the Lucifer album and he got paid separately for that. He missed a lot of gigs bec of his foot but he also had SM The Ballad and earned from that. Minho has Music Core along with Onew and 100 out of 100 and Dream Team for a while. The other 2 is languishing in solo activities and would have less income. Radio guesting doesn’t really count so there you go.

    • Oh who is spreading such a baseless speculation? I think “age” is also a factor in SM’s promotion of members. They’d see the “older” established in their solo activities prior to the younger. Onew is already too busy with lots of activities. And, of course, his earnings will come on the top among members.

  2. why it turns to an income discussion so suddenly ???
    well, actually these days i’m really worried about their incomes cause we all know the big bucks usually come form CFs and why Shinee have the least CF deals in SMtown ???? T.T
    3 years in the industry and now they haven’t got any individual CF and that’s really suck! Until when our boys will be treated as they deserve???

    • people say, half jokingly and half seriously, it is one of the world’s three silliest things to worry about an entertainer’s income. I don’t know what the other two are:) Do you remember in an ET program one MC said SHINee are making a lot more than the other MC (it was in Juliette days)… Those MCs are making a lot by a common man’s standard. So don’t worry. One thing to consider: they don’t do activities throughout the year, so their monthly income average will be lowered.

      As for individual CFs, I think Minho may have some offers. But I heard SM doesn’t sell their artists at a cheap price. There was an offer for Victoria for a joint CF with Nickhun, but SM rejected it because the pay wasn’t good enough. So Khun did it alone. Now Victoria is modeling for Estee Lauder lipstick. Compared to girl groups, it seems hard for boy groups to find slots in the CF market. Big Bang made a big hit a few years ago and became a blue chip. Now probably Gd and Top. 2pm got hot because of their “beastly” images, and now Khun and Tacyeon. SHINee’s image may not be very appealing to the Korean public. They are kinda in transition now. From boyish image to a more manly one. But not yet. I’m hoping they will make it big in Japan. It will change their status in several ways. And I think someday Minho (and maybe Taemin), “pretty” in a more “standard” way (I’m not saying this from my bias), could make big in the CF market when they appear in a hit drama.
      One certain thing is they are in the top high income level when compared to other boy groups.

      • Another factor: SHINee can hold a big solo concert, but f(x) won’t be able to do it. These days, singers can make lots of money through concerts because album sales are going down. Except SNSD, this is true with other girl groups. If SHINee can make a big hit in Japan and comes back to Korea with a more manly image like TVXQ did… let’s hope best for SHINee in Japan!

  3. Dont believe such speculation. But still, i guess the highest in income should be Onew, followed by Minho, then followed by others probably since they both out of the 5 appears most in variety. Onew is above all of course, with his musical and stuff like that. SHINee said that Onew and Minho has the busiest schedule and the least in Jjong. Key mentioned this during lucifer promotion.

    I just hope these boys will get more CFs. I read allkpop everyday and its very rare to hear about them. I have to say, I was kinda mad at SM for being biased towards their idols. SHINee and f(x) especially. Please SM take care of my boys.

      • I couldn’t believe it. It was going around tumbler 2 days ago and I thought it was ridiculous that it was being quoted and being forwarded as a fact instead of a personal opinion / speculation. I was so annoyed that people were laughing at Jonghyun for being last and I’m not even a stan. Just bec he doesn’t appear on variety shows does not mean his income is low.

      • Sometimes I think member fans are worse than antis. SME wouldn’t allow their group’s lead vocal to earn less than other members. They can make up stories and laugh at a member, but it only shows their ill will based on ignorance.

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