[info] SHINee Photoshoot for Elle Japan

Shooting for shinee
3:41 PM Apr 13th via Twitter for BlackBerry®

Finished elle japan shooting
4:14 AM Apr 14th via Twitter for BlackBerry®

[from Kim Bongbeop stylist twitter]

[from DC Shinee Gallery; Do Not Re-up Elsewhere]


4 thoughts on “[info] SHINee Photoshoot for Elle Japan

  1. 12 hrs…if the timeline in Twitter is correct, it took the boys 12 hrs to finsh the shoot. Since it took that long and they worked until about 4am, the pics had better be good.

    I seriously miss SHINee but I’m so happy they are resting finally, ESP Onew. I am happy to hear he’s been seen with friends often bec I don’t think he got to do that in 2010.

  2. I miss them. I had to say I still watching DT with small hopes Minho would appear. But its okay, im happy enough to know how they’re doing well. Month of May are slowly approaching. The boys are gonna debut in Japan soon. 🙂 My hope is that they will be loved by the japanese.

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