Oops, all my data gone!

The external hard drive in which I saved all SHINee-related videos including my subbed ones isn’t working. I can’t access it because of an error T.T Don’t know what to think or do…


22 thoughts on “Oops, all my data gone!

    • At first, I was able to see folders in it but couldn’t open the files. I searched how to and then tried something. I think it made the problem worse because then I couldn’t even access the drive. The error message says “I/O device error.” When I tried a free file recovery software, it says the problem is too serious for it… and I should take it to a lab… My mind is now in a freeze…

      • If you’re getting an I/O device error message, a driver is either disabled or out-dated. You’ll need to check in your Device Manager (Control Panel → System and Maintenance → System → Device Manager) [or just search for it in your computer’s search engine]. Find the device that’s giving you the error, check it’s status and then fix it as per the problem. Usually if something’s not responding, disable it then re-enable it. If it’s something that you can’t fix, then you’ll need to ask an expert to help you.

        In regards to your missing files, I found this very useful when I came across a similar problem on my own computer: http://en.kioskea.net/forum/affich-9313-i-cant-see-my-files-wich-is-not-hidden
        I’m not sure if it’s the same problem, but it should be able to fix it. If not, then it’s best to get someone to look into it for you.

        Good luck!! ^^

  1. oh my, oh my! wake up bb, this could just be all a nightmare!

    srsly, i hope that hard drive would work or get fixed.. hang in there!

    • Hope it is just a nightmare I can wake up from. You know what… I think I was too greedy in collecting shinee data. I was downloading SHINee Hello Baby in higher quality than the ones I already had. It must have been too much for my external hd.

      • how r u now? were u able to save it? i hope u did!
        but i understand exactly what u mean about being greedy about shinee cos i can never get enough of them too. sometimes the craziest things happen just to make us realize?? idk bb, i’m blabbering here, i’m just trying to make u feel better… but i’m sure losing all data like that is just totally absurd and utterly senseless! we’re cheering for you, ok… hang in there! 🙂

  2. Oh no! These things can be really scary. I dont know if you have a Best Buy near you but maybe you could take it to the geek squad? I’m so sorry and I hope you can get it fixed soon. 😦 Fighting

  3. oh no! its okay to be greedy if it’s SHINee related. i think your computer is too overloaded by their awesomeness. I hope you get over this soon!!!! 🙂
    loving you<3

  4. Same thing happened to me. My EHD stopped working and wasn’t able to access it again. :(( And my cousin told me that once it’s broken, it can never be fixed :(((( My SHINee files were gone too :((

  5. i very much am surprised to hear this news..i really hope that at least something could be done about it and it will be ok again..hang in there and try your best k juju!!

  6. not along ago my friend also lose her data..
    and she bring it to computer shop who can repair that..
    be patient ya,,maybe u have friend around u that understand to fixed this?

  7. take it to a computer shop juju, thats probably the safest way of recovering your stuff without loosing it forever! :s

  8. hi..I’m new here..I’m really sorry for you…Now I keep all the SHINee video in DVD. Hopefully everything going to be okay with your external..

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