[news] Onew Ranked 3rd in Best Entertainment Idol Poll

EZ Day (www.ezday.co.kr), an Internet portal website, conducted a poll on “Who is No.1 Entertainment Idol?” All-round entertainer Lee Seungki won the poll with 28% votes. 2AM Cho Kwon came nect with 21%. SHINee’s Onew was ranked 3rd with 11%, and SuJu Lee Teuk 4th with 8%.

19 idols were listed in the poll, including SuJu Kim Heechul, Beast Lee Kikwang, SNSD Taeyeon, ZE:A Kwanghee, DBSK Y-know Yunho, Big Bang Seungri, KARA Koo Hara, Brown Eyed Girls Narsha.

1,149 people participated in the poll that lasted for 7 days from Feb. 28 to Mar. 6. 24% (286) of the participants were men and 76% (863) were women. 15% (175) were in 20s, 39% (450) in 30s, and 29% (344) in 40s. The percentage of women in 30s~40s was high.

[from Union Press]

Trans by jujugal


8 thoughts on “[news] Onew Ranked 3rd in Best Entertainment Idol Poll

  1. YAYYYY ! Ikr, he’s so famous nowadays hehe. He’s so hilarious though, his ttakbam is quite famous too <33

  2. Wow Juju, thanks for the translation even though you are taking some time off. I really appreciate your hard work subbing/translating SHINee stuff.

    If it’s not too much bother, I hope you can translate this article too. The link of the original article is: http://news.kukinews.com/article/view.asp?page=1&gCode=kmi&arcid=0004737933&cp=nv.

    In case you are not able to, I would totally understand too.

    Lastly, heck yeah, I love how much recognition Onew is getting in all fields – singing, variety/entertainment, musicals.

    • Hmm…it’s not a bother to translate any article on our SHINee, so feel free to make your request or suggestion. But it seems Onew is only briefly mentioned in this article…I see the mention is meaningful because he is considered one of the idols with the most potential to grow more…but it’d be better if the article is more focused on Onew.

      • Thanks for responding. : ) someone translated the article and the Onew parts so no need. I do have a copy of an Onew feature on Daily News after Rock of Ages finished. Just let me know if you are interested to read it as it’s in Korean. Translations not expected – a friend explained the content to me. It was pretty interesting.

  3. Another recognition for our lovely Lee Jinki… Oh Yeah!! \m/\>,</\m/
    anything shinee now is so precious esp with the lack of news about them, so glad you keep on translating for us. oh, you are like our internet KBS, lol!
    your efforts are highly appreciated bb, thanks!!

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