[info] Taemin Transfers to Hanlim Arts High

SM Entertainment announced on March 2 that Taemin dropped out of Cheongdam High and transferred to Hanlim Arts High.

Taemin is said to have had difficulty in completing the required class attendance due to his activities as a SHINee member. With SHINee’s debut in Japan set in March, Taemin seems to have chosen to transfer to an arts high school which supports student’s entertainment activities.

With his dreaming to become a musical actor, Taemin had prepared for Hanlim Arts High when he was attending Cheongdam Middle School, but instead entered Cheongdam High due to certain internal circumstances.

Since he transferred to Hanlim Arts High as he originally planned, Taemin will take basic courses to prepare for musical acting while doing entertainment activities more actively.

[from New Daily]

Trans by jujugal

– FYI, a fan said it’s not Musical Dept. but Entertainment Dept. (which is more oriented for general acting) according to her friend who is attending Hanlim Arts High. Apparently, we should trust the info from a news article. Let’s wait and see…

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