[info] Onew to be on 100 out of 100 Points

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Onew threatened MC Park Myeongsoo with his explosive entertaining sense. He also showed off his powerful “ttakbam” by cracking nuts with his finger. The idol members in the program got scared when it was suggested the defeated team get Onew’s ttakbam as a punishment.

To be aired on 26 Feb. Saturday~


10 thoughts on “[info] Onew to be on 100 out of 100 Points

  1. onew jjang ^^
    it seems like his ttakbam is well known now kekeke ^^ ondubu is feared.
    cant wait to see this episode…from the pics i dont see minho =(…so im guessing onew was there to take minhos spot for the episode?
    well i can’t wait cuz im having shinee withdrawals

    • haha, not really… I couldn’t resist when I saw the hilarious preview pictures. I’m thinking I’ll sub some clips on weekends…

  2. Juju yah! can you do me another favor? when u go around looking for news/cuts … of Shinee, can u take a notice on whether Minho left the show or not?? I read on Soompi that Onew filmed the show on Feb 13th, the day TaeHoKey went to the manager’s wedding ceremony and it makes me wonder why Minho didn’t go filming while obviously he didn’t have any schedule ( attend a wedding ceremony can’t count a schedule, right?). I also found that he didn’t appear in the last 2 or 3 eps so……..

    • No one has a clear answer for that. Fans are wondering too. There has been no notice he’ll drop out of the program. So fans are guessing he’s not been in the program due to his other schedules. But as you said he hasn’t appeared for 2~3 weeks, some fans (who liked his appearance in the program) start feeling anxious about it… Let’s see… I’ll try to make updates when I can get more info. Ah, and we don’t know what other schedule he had after the wedding… cuz the filming could take the whole day, not just for hours.

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