[photo] Taemin @ Santa Fe Fan Meeting 110220

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I’m not supposed to be doing this… ‘o’  It’s like taking a break out of a break 😉 Trying to gain more physical strength and get some work done… Thank you all for your support!


8 thoughts on “[photo] Taemin @ Santa Fe Fan Meeting 110220

  1. Sheena, sorry I know you are on hiatus. But I hope you can share what happened to Onew? I heard he was taken to the hospital after the Star King recording today due to exhaustion. I saw the bora for Sukira and the DJs are Key and Minho (instead of Onew) so I guess it’s true. Poor Onew! SM has been overworking him since last year.

    • he didn’t faint, he had some breathing difficulty and only went for a checkup after filming ended.
      so no worries =)

    • Sorry I didn’t see this request until now. He felt sick during the SK recording, but the account of how much sick he was seems to have been exaggerated. He said he’s OK and the recording continued on, so my guess is that he wasn’t too sick although he must have been exhausted… He is said to have been to Luna’s “Legally Blonde” musical performance the next day, so he must be OK. Don’t worry too much…

  2. juju, i’m so sorry if i keep interupting you and your life,
    but i just wanna watch SHINee’s interview for ….. i forgot the clothing brand name> it’s in HD ^^) . so, can you sub them?
    hope you will and thank you!

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