[notice] Taking a hiatus for a while…

Hi all, I’ve decided to take a break for a while. Not sure how long… I may sub and post some short video clips once in a while, but won’t be able to post updates regularly. Thank you all who have visited my blog and sent me encouraging remarks. Good luck to you all, and Happy SHINee days~



15 thoughts on “[notice] Taking a hiatus for a while…

  1. Aw. I’ll miss you, but I understand! I’ve run sites before and I know how time consuming this is. I appreciate all you’ve done. 🙂

  2. Awwhhhh. Thank you juju for your wonderful updates. Your blog is the first site I check whenever I go online everyday. Anyway, take care and have a good rest. 🙂 Thanks again for your amazing effort. International Shawol couldnt be more grateful for you.

  3. that’s so sad, i hope everything’s alright! get well soon ok 🙂 we’ll surely miss you… thanks for everything!

  4. we will miss you juju! thank you soooo much for always making extra efforts to update us and subbing those SHINee videos.

  5. Aww take care! Thank you for all your hard work! Please rest well! By the way, Happy Valentines Day! ❤

  6. Have a good rest! Keep on loving Taemin (though I have no doubt you will) and SHINee! ;P
    We will patiently wait for your return!

  7. awww, it’s sad to hear this 😥
    but we can’t do anything about it since we can’t force you to keep updating us with SHINee stuffs cuhs you have your own life too.. it’s okay if you can’t update us as often as you used to do, we appreciated your dedication (:
    so all i can do is cheering you up, Juju! shawols will definitely miss you<3
    good luck & best wishes for you! thanks for all you've done for us & SHINee so far! your hardworks won't ever be wasted and fighting! be sure to know that we♥you forever and ever!
    we hope you'll be back later though 😥 anyway, you are the best Juju<3

  8. we’ll be waiting for you! take care of yourself! and don’t forget shinee 😀 ^^ and don’t stress, relax chillax and come back to us healthy! and happy! and non tired! going to miss you tons! fighting!

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