[photo] Maypole SHINee


14 thoughts on “[photo] Maypole SHINee

  1. wow, they finally release it. I’ve been waiting for sooooo long, but it’s worth. But only on pic? OMG, i’m dying to see the rest. There will be a female model too, right?? and a BTS vid? can’t wait ^^
    and juju – dear, could u please do me favor? i saw on SHINee schedule that they will have an event on Feb 20th, may be a special fan meeting?? (that’s what i googtrans the information on Shakizi). I wonder if it’s a special event to celebrate their 1000th day anniversary (feb 18th will be their 1000th day)? Can u give me some more infos??

    • On Feb. 18, they’ll have an autograph session at a Maypole branch. On Feb 20, they have Santa Fe (coffee drink) Special Fan-meeting Event. It is not to celebrate their 1000th day, but fans might be planning for it?? I didn’t know it will be their 1000th day… There must be some event to celebrate it!

      • Thanx juju, I love u so much! i feel so sorry bothering u while you’re sick T.T
        Please rest well and get well soon, ❤

  2. Minho’s adorable and naughty look. 😀

    Finally, the five of them. They must be working hard for their japan debut. I wonder how will their song be like.

  3. Omg they all look so good. I like this style of clothing on them. Hopefully Maypole has a huge advertising budget and uses the boys a lot. I still don’t know why SM gave up Mexicana chicken as an endorsement if the boys are not going to endorse another chicken brand soon.

    Saw another pic with Onew, Minho and the female model. They looked amazing so I can’t wait for the full campaign to be launched.

  4. I love that picture of Onew & Minho with the girl model – it’s adorable. This is the same photo on the Maypole (KR) homepage, which will be launched on Feb 21st.

    As much as I hate the fact that idol group members get slotted into certain roles (leader, vocalist, dancer, the face, etc), I like it that ONEW (heck yeah!) has joined Minho as the face of SHINee. This is just my personal opinion based on his solo projects/guestings, that incredible W spread & Maypole page. All this despite Onew not being considered ‘traditionally handsome’ in Korea. It is nice to see Onew breaking boundaries since he’s so talented, dorky, humble and hardworking. Since Taemin will forever be adored as the maknae, SM Ent really needs to work harder at getting Jonghyun and Key more exposure as well.

    • totally agreed! Onew’s reputation has been skyrocketting. So we only have to worry a little bit for Jjong and Key. i hope this situation won’t last long. I’m waitting to the day all 5 of them become big in the industry and SHINee become legend of Kpop
      And on a side note, it seems like SBS gonna film a special show in China (may be it will be like King of idols depends on the fact that they recruit all the idols and may be they will name it Super Idol – that’s all i assume form what i googletrans). And 2 members of Shinee will attend, too bad that the information was in Chinese, and when i googletrans, the names appear to be so unfamiliar that i can’t guess who is who. May be we just have to wait a couple days for an official announcement or Juju will be better and can find the info for us ^^.
      Again, juju ah, get well soon! I love u!

  5. does anyone know where we could actually buy the items of this clothing line online? i really like it. 😀

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