[info] Onew One-day MC for Happy Together

SHINee Onew showed off his splendid MC skills at KBS 2TV Happy Together3 to be aired on Feb. 10.

All the attention was on the program with DBSK appearing as guests after a long break, and the filming site was warmed up as Onew, who is known for his entertaining sense, joined them.

Jeong Heeseop PD said over the phone, “We finished the filming well. Especially Onew did a good job.”

He continued, “Onew sat next to Shin Bongseon, one of the MCs, because there were so many guests. He did very well maybe because he’s experienced as an MC for Yahaengseong.”

“Onew made adlibs or witty remarks to surprise other guests and staff. Other MCs including Yoo Jaeseok felt their positions were threatened,” added he.

[from Newsen]

Trans by jujugal


10 thoughts on “[info] Onew One-day MC for Happy Together

  1. super excited to see this episode =)
    i miss YHS and i’ve been missing onew’s MC-ing skills. MuCore is different from when he gets to MC a variety show
    Onew + DBSK + Onew Sangtae = <33

  2. Woot woot! another reason to be proud of Onew! really, what’s there not to love about this guy?! Great Job Jinki, again!

  3. Thanks Sheena! I am really so proud of leader-sshi. No wonder the female PD was raving about him on her twitter. Gender and age doesn’t matter – we all love Onew.

  4. Good job Onew! I’m so happy and proud to be a fan!
    I just notice that often Onew makes the news to promote the shows and get more viewers. He must really be well loved/popular in Korea. He should have a regular MCing show again like YHS. I miss that show, his hyungs and his Onew gags.

    • I think so too. he must really be famous in Korea. There’s always News about him. Maybe the shows rake in viewers with Onew.

      PDs always compliment Onew — from talent to attitude. He’s like one of those idols who PDs always choose to work with. No wonder he’s on every shows representing SHINee during Lunar New Year. Onew always make extra effort to make the show exciting and he always managed to get great screen time.

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