[info] Key and Taemin Featured at d&shop

dnshop “SHINee Bag” – click to see the website

I’m not translating the info cuz I guess internationals can’t purchase it…

Key and Taemin are featured at “eshop by star”, a project at d&shop, an online shopping site, in which stars give styling tips for new products. Key and Taemin recommend Kipling and Eastpak’s new products with their styling story. All buyers of the products will receive badges with Key’s and Taemin’s face printed. It says a more detailed story of the photo shoot will be on the March issue of Elle Girl.


7 thoughts on “[info] Key and Taemin Featured at d&shop

  1. Finally we get to see taebb and key with some side projects.They look so cute and I want the kipling bag hahahaha! just because it’s pink.

  2. Taemin and Key looks so cute and natural! Only Key could make a pair of square glasses and geeky pants and shoes look so attractive. Thank you for sharing!

  3. Cute! They look good. I especially love the pic of Key where he is crouching down. I love when he has a more natural look, I think he looks best that way šŸ˜€

  4. Boys are so cute esp Key! I want their bags.

    I know you’re pretty busy so pls feel free to ignore the request I will be making. There has been a couple of good articles on Newsen re Onew and I was hoping you could translate some of the relevant info, esp the one on Happy Together bec I think they were praising his MCing skills again. No pressure and no rush – do it only if you have the time and inclination because we already appreciate your lovely effort subbing SHINee stuff. The links are here:


    I think Newsen really likes Onew. LOL. thanks in advance

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