[info] Q&A on Jonghyun’s Surgery @ Highcut


SHINee Jonghyun had an ankle surgery. Is he OK?


SHINee Jonghyun had his ankle ligament injured at a fan meeting in Indonesia last October.

He had to perform with a cast around his ankle on stage because of this injury and couldn’t dance to some songs at SHINee 1st solo concert.

Even though he rested well enough, he complained of tiny but continuous pain in that part.

SM Entertainment made him go to a specialist for a thorough medical examination, in which a tiny bone chip was found to be stuck in the ligament.

So he was scheduled to have a surgery on Jan. 17.

A source in the management company says, “He is on recovery now after a successful surgery. But he can’t participate in the SM Town Live in Tokyo concert in the Yoyogi Stadium on Jan. 25-6.”

[Source : Highcut Vol.46 – p12, nabbayo.com]

Trans by jujugal


5 thoughts on “[info] Q&A on Jonghyun’s Surgery @ Highcut

  1. I was curious about this so it’s nice to know the details of how Jjong’s leg was and is now.

    While I want Jjong to rest up well there’s a selfish part of me that can’t wait to see them all together dancing as 5. I have not 100% enjoyed a performance in a while because Jjong standing there singing while the other dance or him just not being there at all just isn’t SHINee to me. I love all the boys but it’s not the same when one’s missing or can’t participate to the fullest.

    I hope that Japan will be able to experience SHINee at their best. Together.

  2. I miss Jjong and please rest up well. I can’t wait to see all Shinee members together. I have not 100% performance without Jjong. I agree that I love all the boys and it’s not the same when one’s missing.
    Jjong, please rest well and get back to us with full energy.
    We miss you too much!!
    Shinee forever!!

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