[info] SBS New Year’s Special Idol King

SBS filmed in Pataya a New Year’s special program titled “King of Idols” to be aired at 6 p.m., 2 Feb.

The “King of Idols” is a program in which top idols select their King and Queen through diverse games.

The program will begin with the shoot of their stylistic airport fashion from the dandy English boy style to the hot trend of “no pants”-looking style.

The program also includes their private life talk on the plane and at the hotel, their bare faces with no make-up, dance battle, and fierce gamess.

[from Newsen]

Trans by jujugal


8 thoughts on “[info] SBS New Year’s Special Idol King

  1. omagaaahh, can’t wait for it! thanks for the info, juju<33 and it's tomorrow!!
    soo excited :3

  2. Just watched this. Onew & Jinwoon made the partner selection interesting. I liked all the hand-holding between Onew & Seunghyun during game 3 PLUS the fact that they won over Nickhun and UEE. But I liked most the fact that Lizzy looked so excited to be chosen by Onew as his partner. Interesting choice by Onew in my opinion (She’s a bit too vain and vivacious for him) but they looked really good together.

      • Actually that’s true. There were a lot of Onew-Lizzy shots at the selection of King & Queen ESP when they were showing final credits. I guess bec they looked good together.

      • Onew always do things like this. He always want other people to shine. they are cute together.

  3. I actually don’t pay much attention on Kpop groups other than SHINee (that’s how crazy loyal I am) now I’m learning about other groups still through SHINee. I like Lizzy from all the girls who got paired up with Onew. She looked like she honestly didn’t expect & was thankful that Onew chose her. The look on Onew’s face when she picked her was worth getting jealous of (though a fan has no right to be) but oddly I felt okay, even happy about it, I don’t even know why…

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