[info] SHINee Maypole Photo Shoot Interview @ Ent News

[DC Shinee Gallery]

Twinkle twinkle shining SHINee’s casual brand photo shoot~!!

The interview was made in a cheerful and joyous mood

I rolled with laughter

I think their activities in Japan will be daebak~

This will be aired on Feb. 12~~ highly expected~!!

[from the reporter’s cyworld]

– I guess this is on their photo shoot for Maypole…


9 thoughts on “[info] SHINee Maypole Photo Shoot Interview @ Ent News

  1. JONGHYUN JONGHYUN! HE’S BACK! JONGHYUN! Omo, he looks like he lost some weight! D:
    Soon he’ll fully be back! It hurts to see him with the cast, but I’m glad I can see him at all!

  2. HE’S BACK HE’S BACK =DD but that cast D: can’t wait for this~ they’re finally back as 5 again ^__^

  3. OMG, finally Jjong with SHINee, again! We missed him like seriously. Anyway, get well soon Jjong. We miss you. SHINee miss you! 😀

  4. Maypole is a casual clothes brand name, right? But why all the boys had to hide/taped their sport clothes’ brand name on Idol sport day??? i thought it was because of their contracts with this clothing CF, but a casual brand name won’t do such a thing with sport clothes right? or the sport clothes they wore did come from another casual brand name company? if it’s the later case, than i can understand …

    • lol the sports brand every idol wore were Sketchers.
      brand names are not to be mentioned in variety shows thats why every idol had to tape it, not just shinee ^^ hope this helps

      • Thanx! it may help …. but are u sure all the idols had to tape? cause in tons of images i saw, only Shinee did it. Even the same labelmates like Trax and f(x) didn’t. That’s why i’ve been looking in every image i could find and still wondering for days. They didn’t tape it in Chuseok special, and in Let’s go Dream team (i’ve watched every eps) they wear clothes from different brand names but they don’t tape it either

  5. Ah Jonghyun is back! I miss him so much. They look so good in those photos, I can’t wait till the interview is aired.

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