[info] SHINee New Year’s Program Schedule

2/2  6 p.m. SBS Idol King (Onew, Minho)

2/3  6 :10 p.m. Star Couple Battle (Onew, Minho)

11:05 p.m. Happy Together (Onew with TVXQ, f(x))

2/4  6:10 p.m. SBS 2011 Baby Face Contest (Onew, Key)
6:10 p.m. MBC 7080 Singing Battle (Onew, Key)

2/5~6  8:40 p.m. MBC Idol Track/Swmming Competition (Onew, Key, Minho, Taemin)

– Onew is in every program!


10 thoughts on “[info] SHINee New Year’s Program Schedule

  1. OMG you’re right! he’s on every program!! can’t wait to watch them!
    SHINee fighting<3 thanks for the info JuJu<3

  2. WOW Onew is so hardworking! He is in almost every Lunar special show next week just like he was during the Chuseok specials last year. I know he’s talented and in-demand, but wow, SM better give him a vacation soon. Boy needs some time off bec he was working non-stop in 2010. Their Japan debut will make his schedule even more packed.

    But hell yeah – Happy Together with TVXQ. I have been waiting to see Onew in this show. It ought to be great fun with Yunho and Changmin there.

    • Tombardy’s girl, that’s our Onew. He never complains. I just hope that he is well compensated. Onew is sooo hard working. and it seems that a lot of staff wants to work with him.

  3. wow awesome! i wanna watch them now~!! Will you sub SHINee’s cuts, Juju? I’d appreciate it if you will<3 kekeke anyway thanks so much for everything already :3 fighting! We love youuu (:

  4. i always follow ur page and it is totally great to know you as one of the great shawols!!
    especially there is always update about onew leader *i’m his bias,:)
    thank you for your great job!!!
    i will always support you!! 🙂
    thanks again and again 🙂

  5. Aaa Onew you’re so hard worker! Aaa take a rest well dear… I was worry about you. And I verry a proud of you! Fighting! Love you<3

  6. Ahh .. Onew is so hardworking .. Onew hwaiting ! SHINee hwaiting ! 😀 Happy new year everyone :> Anyway , may i know where can i watch the shows ? Please , please , please reply me .. I wanna watch it so badly D:
    Onew , saranghaeyo 😀

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