[info] Onew at Happy Together

[Cr as tagged | DC Shinee Gallery]

– Onew filmed Happy Together with TVXQ and f(x) Krystal, Luna, Sulli

– A staff member twitted, “I feel like falling for him. It was a satisfying day”

– Onew bowed to every staff member on his way out after the film shoot was done, and talked to Krystal (as in the above pictures), and left last. Who wouldn’t love him??

– Hope one day we’ll see all SHINee members as guests…

– This will be aired at 11:05 p.m. Feb. 3

4 thoughts on “[info] Onew at Happy Together

  1. Neither shinee nor dbsk have been on the same show together right? This is gonna be so exciting! Onew and Yunho on the same show =DDDD

    • Onew is loved by everyone! ahaha. He earned praises here and there, even for the little things he does. He deserves much love.

  2. OMG! If I haven’t known that it’s Krystal, I would surely thought that he’s dating someone. paparazzi shots!

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