[tv] YTN Star SMA Behind Stage SHINee Cut

– Onew out of breath~

– Key, who doesn’t like physical exercise, wants to become a body zzang!

– Taemin wants to grow taller to be 184 cm! Let his wish come true!

– Minho, go for Olympics! Btw, he shouldn’t say Jonghyun-“goon”, Minho-yah, he’s your hyung!!


7 thoughts on “[tv] YTN Star SMA Behind Stage SHINee Cut

  1. HAHAHA. Taemin yaahhh, Isnt 184 cm is 2 cm taller than Minho? Hihi. Anyway, those awkward moment were sooooo cute and funny. And I just realized that Key was laughing in his performance, different from other performance where he used to be serious like the others. Anyway, go for olympic Minho. SHINee jjang!

  2. I don’t get why Minho called Jonghyun as Jonghyun-goon. Jjong is older than him both in age and seniority in SM (during trainee days). It is a bit odd for him to do that since Korea is particular with titles.

    • I watched it a couple of times. It seems that Minho called him Jonghyun Hyung. when he said Jonghyun, he then looked at Onew then Onew said Jonghyun-Goon, but the camera then focused on Minho and Minho’s voice was kinda lower than Onew.

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