[news] SHINee to Release 1st Japanese Single in April

“In February, SNSD will release their 3rd Japanese single album, and SHINee are planning to release their first Japanese single in April

[from Asia Economics]

“While f(x) are set to release an album in March, a new idol group ‘M1’ (tentatively named) will make a debut in March~April.”

[from Seoul Economics]


15 thoughts on “[news] SHINee to Release 1st Japanese Single in April

  1. So the boys are debuting in March and releasing Japanese single in April? O_o Or did the debut change to April as well?

    And wow…a new SME idol group….it’s getting kinda crowded in SM Town now..LOL

    • This is from an article on the prospects of SM stocks on economics newspapers (those stock brokers oftentimes have good information sources)… I was thinking SHINee’s new song could make debut at the SM Concert in Tokyo Dome… they might have a showcase in March, and their album may come out in April?? — it could be late march and early april…

  2. omg omg omg a new group? is sm crazy they havent even make a good job with fx and they wanna debut a new one?

    • f(x) to release a new album too… And it’s about time a new group from SM will debut… I don’t know how they can manage all these groups…

  3. The only thing im hoping here is that SHINee will release completely different Japanese single just like DBSK or CN Blue. I prefer something like that. Kara and SNSD more or less like just translated the song or sing it in Japanese version. I hoped that SHINee will have new single for their Japanese debut.

  4. I would just support them,hope they’ll gain success in Japan n comeback soon to korea.From many singers who debuted in Japan I always more like their korean songs than jpn ver,dunno why…
    and omo,new idolgroup?boyband or girlband?isn’t jino will be part of it?I’m waiting him to cmback aftr SM The Ballad
    *hehe…long cmmnt*

  5. i think sm will be promoting f(x) and shinee heavily this year, just like they did for snsd and super junior last year..
    and well, for the new group, they need to start introducing a new group right..
    from what i can see, sm really has a pattern in promoting their artistes, don’t you think?

    • Did sm promote super junior heavily last year? not sure… f(x) need to do better this year… because there were too many girl groups already, it was hard for them to make it big even though their music was received very well critically… They may come back with songs more “public-appealing” this time

      • And publically appealing usually means a catchy repetative hook and a simple dance move :/

      • I wonder what style and concept this new group will have… With so many SM groups, I think they’ll make sure each group has a different style… One guess is this group could be more Chinese-market targeted…with a chinese member in it…

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