[news] SM Concert in Tokyo – TVXQ Standing Strong and SHINee Shining Bright

What was remarkable was the rapid rise of “new-comers” such as SHINee and SNSD on the Japanese stage. SHINee showed their potential with a hugh fanbase even before their offical debut, and SNSD attracted lots of Japanese girls who want to be like them.

Most of the audiences were young women. 95% of them looked like women of 20s. The rest were families who came to enjoy various singers in the portfolio of SM Town.

SM Entertainment is estimated to have made 40 billion Won in ticket sales. The ticket price was 12,800 Yen (166,400 Won).

It is also encouraging that this concert was a “preliminary” one for a concert at Tokyo Dome in April. SM is expected to make approximately 160 billion won just in ticket sales through the concert at Tokyo Dome, which can accomodate about 100,000 people.

SM Entertainment has generally been known for making money through its cash cows like TVXQ, SNSD, and Super Junior. However, SM’s world tour showed that it is a company with a powerful portfolio including growing engines such as SHINee and f(x).

[from Money Today]

Trans by jujugal (I translated only the part related to SHINee)

– So they will have a concert in Tokyo Dome. Some fans guessed they did it at the Yoyogi because Tokyo Dome was already fully reserved (this concert was to support TVXQ whose album will be released this week). And there will be one at the Dome, wow! It is amazing… They must have planned on it at least one year ago!

– this news article is now deleted…maybe because there’s an embargo.


6 thoughts on “[news] SM Concert in Tokyo – TVXQ Standing Strong and SHINee Shining Bright

  1. SM sure is making a lot of money.. I hope their cash cows get paid for the right ammount. Pretty soon Shinee will be one of them cows too…

  2. WOW, it’s really amazing…
    I mean Tokyo Dome is like HUGE, and not every artists got the chance to perform there…
    Totally awesome!!!

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