[fancam] SM Live Concert in Tokyo 2011

Up by lovelyrhee

– Onew must be fine. He ran around jumping, looking really excited. He sang with SuJu Yesung and Ryowook a Japanese song that made a big hit in 2007. He showed up as a ramen delivery man at Kangta’s stage featuring Sulli.

– Finally Heechul made it?? Taemin was featured as a rapper in Heechul’s performance as in Shanghai (but not sure whether it was the same song “Sonata of Temptation”). And Heechul bit Taemin’s neck like a vampire. This time Taemin wasn’t embarrassed and stayed still (they must have discussed it before)… Ah, some of Taem’s fans might be upset… Hope someone filmed it.

– Minho and SNSD Yuna did the “Keep Your Head Down” dance move with TVXQ Yunho at the ending.


5 thoughts on “[fancam] SM Live Concert in Tokyo 2011

  1. No Taeminnie!! Don’t give into the temptation that is Kim Heechul!! *sigh* I was just waiting for the day when Heechul finally did something to Taemin…..hehehe he tried to kiss him before yet failed!!!!

  2. Anyway thank you for sharing again jujugal. Im just so happy thinking that they all have such good relationship with one another. It a very beautiful scene. 🙂

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