[spoiler] SHINee at Idol Track Competition

* If you don’t want to know the results, don’t read the following.

SM team won the competition – for two years in a row

Minho won the gold medal in the men’s 50m hurdle race and in the men’s high jump

Luna, who was coached by Minho, won the women’s high jump

Taemin-Jungmo-Key-Minho did men’s 400m relay race in that order. They were at the bottom (3rd or 4th), but Minho finished second to win the silver medal


7 thoughts on “[spoiler] SHINee at Idol Track Competition

  1. yayyyy!!!!! so happy my lovely SM Family won again!!!!1 and my shining boys!!!! awwww so many cute moments !!! love them all!!!!!!

  2. SHINee Trax f(x) made another great team this year! It would’ve have been better if Suju is there as well to support them. Awwwhhh, SM family are so cute! 😀

  3. And anyway, being in Dream Team sure has trained Minho a lot. I guess all Suju hyungs can depends on him when it comes to sport.

    Go SHINee. Go SM!

  4. YAYYYYYYYY for SMtowners!!!! Last time, a lot of k-pop fans complained about how SM team won because they had a lot of members, bla bla bla… Now they reduce to half size and still won 1st place. Totally rock! Go SMtowners!
    Minho ah, you’re on the way to make history. Considering you – a flower boy idol – can beat all the beastly idols out there makes me so proud.

    • juju ah, i just realize that you didn’t mention about the 50m dash. Minho fail again in that category??? Hmmm, he must felt incomplete…

      • A fan showed a picture of Minho looking like feeling sorry about something. But she didn’t want to tell what it was about and just said we’d find it out when the program is aired. Maybe that was it then…

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