[photo] Taemin Playing with Hyungs

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– Taemin always playing with hyungs… A fan says Teen Top’s Cheonji hung around Taemin and looked like he wants to make friends with Taemin…

– When TRAX Jungmo made a gesture like throwing Taemin toward fans, Taemin made an action like being really thrown… And he laughs so cute and innocent ㅠㅠ

– Taemin and Onew look more and more like brothers when they are smiling together


5 thoughts on “[photo] Taemin Playing with Hyungs

  1. Waah. Chunji and Taemin. :”> They should be friends. Taemin seriously needs friends his age. 😀

  2. Taemin is more comfortable with his SM hyungs and his hyungs’ friends. He’s too shy around guys his age. You’d think he got the hyung loving from his Minho hyung. Maybe he needs to be in a musical too to gain confidence like his Onew hyung.

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