[photo] SHINee at Idol Track Competition

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[from twitter, naver blogs, DC Shinee Gallery]

– Key was busy talking and having fun with his friends–Mir, Dongwoon, Jinwoon.

– Taemin had fun with fans. A fan gave him a patato chip, and he took it to Onew. Onew put it inside of his padding vest to imitate a pregnant woman >.<  Onew threw snack sausages to fans.

– Onew and Key finished last in the race, Taemin second to the last 😀 Not very surprising. Of course Minho won the race! Yay~

– Onew tripped over the first hurdle   and fell pushing the second one and finished rolling over (see the fancam added in comments). Even though he was taken out in a carrier, fans say it didn’t look too serious… Don’t worry too much.

– Onew is limping at the end… 😦


7 thoughts on “[photo] SHINee at Idol Track Competition

    • Onew got injured while doing hurdles.
      He was running 1st place and then he stumbled and fell over on the last hurdle but he got right back up and limped towards the finish line and fell down right then. He was laying there for a while covering his face.
      so minho ran towards him and onew eventually got carried out. I don’t think it’s a big injury though, but I’m still sad ><

      • oh my GOD, he fell so hard, it must be hurt so much..
        i hope he was OK now..
        i think he can win the race, if he not trip and fell at the last hurdle..

  1. He would’ve have won. Anyway, good thing it is not a serious injury. I guess he live with his sangtae forever.

    Anyway, Minho is hyung whoring again I see.

  2. 0:23-ish seconds in is what we don’t see in the fancam below… Onew was really hurt ㅠㅠ Even if I like seeing him in the idol championships and being athletic, because our leader is somewhat fraglie, I’d prefer that he didn’t.. 아아~~ 오빠… what are we to do with you? I know it was a long time ago but still~

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