[me2day] Jonghyun II





JH: I don’t remember how old I was…














– *0*, cute in a swimming cap~

– He must be bored 🙂


2 thoughts on “[me2day] Jonghyun II

  1. Aww poor Jonghyun. Since he got surgery on his leg, I assume he must not be allowed to move around too much right now. He must be bored at the dorm by himself while the other members go to their schedules! While I feel bad, it’s kinda nice that it’s causing him to interact with fans more with me2day and UFO replies, even if it’s only for lack of something better to do, LOL.

  2. ohMyGosh, i miss JJong so much right now..
    he must be bored at dorm, do upload more JJong..!
    let us relieved your boringness..

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