[info] EMI Music Japan Launches S-Project

EMI Music Japan announced its reorganization and reshuffle of personnel on Jan. 1.

It includes “S-Project” for producing and marketing SHINee.

[from musicman-net]

– I think it means they’re going to give a strong push for SHINee. Good for SHINee!

– They also made a new unit for hunting and training new artists. I think Japanese entertainment managements are trying to learn from Kpop while making profits from promoting Kpop groups in Japan for now.


9 thoughts on “[info] EMI Music Japan Launches S-Project

    • I’m guessing S-Project= SHINee Project. Correct me if i’m wrong, from what i read on the source, they listed the names of staffs who will be in charge in each group (Head director, producer, promotion,marketing & business planner…) There are dif groups like A&R1(which will resposible for S-project), A&R2, A&R3. Some staffs are even specially assigned for S-project. From the info i found A&R1 group is also the group works with Utada Hikaru, Eikichi Yazawa and Sachiko Kumagai….so I hope they will help SHINee shine in Japan.

      Idk if u are interested in but I found Utada’s blog, she wrote in Eng too hahah. There are some entries introducing A&R1 group, can’t really get any info about them from there cuz the blogs are written in somewhat joking manner but at least we get the names and their role in the group


      Scroll down to Oct entries

      • Oh WOW, thank you for the link xD
        i think EMI JAPAN is serious about promoting SHINee in JAPAN. They already have a huge compliment from Akira Miyake right ?
        Well i hope they will have a huge success in Japan, I believe in EMI

      • Yes, S-project is SHINee project. Thanks for the link. I’m so glad we’re communicating and sharing info like this πŸ™‚ I definitely prefer EMI to Universal from some information I got here and there these days. Universal might be the one to give an aggressive push, but seems like too commercial-minded. EMI may not have much experience with idol groups, so we can’t guess what marketing strategy they’ll come up. But EMI seems to respect artists and their music… I want SHINee to build a strong base from the bottom, rather than to hit the market bam! and get into a swirl to be lost…

  1. woahh~ EMI is seriously promoting SHINee! I have a great feeling about them from earlier on! We trust you EMI!!! Take Care of Uri SHINee. :))

  2. i really hope like from the bottom of my heart tht Emi will do a very good job on promoting shinee in japan, im not putting any name here but we already see a group who wasnt even close too SNSD KARA etc when they debut in japan first….so..EMI PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE DO YOUR BEST!

  3. This is great. EMI is global company. I hope someday EMI will promote SHINee to debut in other Asia states

  4. Wow, I can’t wait to see what they do to promote Shinee in Japan. I hope they put their money where their mouths are. They’ve been talking big about Shinee and how much they support them

    Oh, and random thing. I think Jonghyun answered some more UFO questions. Could you translate them when you have time? Since he got surgery I have a feeling we won’t see him for a while, so it’d be nice to hear something from him even if it’s just his replies to UFO messages πŸ™‚

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